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As a lifestyle, fashion, and beauty influencer, most people would not assume some of the hardships that Sara Lovestyle has endured. Born in a refugee camp in Sudan after her parents escaped a civil war, being born in such conditions showed Sara the firsthand reality of life, and immediately inspired her to want more. After moving to America and receiving an education from the University of Missouri, Sara's life changed yet again when her first child was born and shortly after she experienced a heart attack. Such major health concerns at an extremely young age of only 23, forced Sara to take her health and wellness more seriously. Because of her desire to live for her children, Sara was inspired to create a life full of health, happiness, and wholeness. Now being a mom of two and her first-born being diagnosed with Autism, Sara's advocacy extends to many different areas of passion. The 'Lovestyle' brand was born out of Sara's love for the many hats she wears - a mom, an entrepreneur, and an advocate, and her passion for wanting to influence the health space. Recently, Sara has expanded her brand yet again through Belay & Bell Spice Co., launched on January 20, 2021. As the owner of this new cooking product line, she is able to share her love for being the kitchen while simultaneously advocating for fun, fresh, and nutritional meals. Sara has dedicated her entire platform to sharing her experiences through fitness, cooking, and entrepreneurship in hopes that it will inspire others to live their best 'lovestyle' life as well, on their own terms. Learn more about Sara Lovestyle and the Lovestyle platform by visiting and shop all invigorating spices and sauces at

Episode 31 - The Influencer Lifestyle With Sara Lovestyle
May 4, 2021

Episode 31 - The Influencer Lifestyle With Sara Lovestyle

Welcome to episode 31 of Nicky and Moose the Podcast! On today’s episode, Nicky and Moose talk to Sara Lovestyle all about the mindset, strategies, and behaviors she’s implemented in her business and brand to get her the bag....

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