From Instagram To Mainstream | Nicky And Moose Podcast Episode 122

Welcome to Episode 122 "From Instagram To Mainstream " *** Try Ecamm Live for free for 14 days:

In this episode of Nicky & Moose, they discuss the journey and necessities of a successful content creator brand.

What You Will Learn
* How TikTok promotes viral videos.
* M&M’s brand imaging change effects.
* How Instagram comedian pivoted to 7-figure tour.
* How to engage more with your followers with systems and strategy.

00:00 Episode 122: Is TikTok Faking Virality? M&M Backlash, Creator of The Week, 7-Figure Instagram Comedian, and Is TikTok Hypocritical?
0:59 Nicky and Moose Intro
1:28 ECAMM Live: 14-Day Free Trial Subscription
2:28 How We Feelin': Continuing Streak, Grateful and Nicky's Frustrations as a Home Owner
7:36 What's Poppin' Sponsor: Deeper Than the Brand
8:05 What's Poppin' with Nicky: Tiktok's "Viral" Button for Creators and Lack of Transparency
13:58 What's Poppin' with Moose: M&M Spokescandies Backlash and Potential PR Stunt
18:50 Creator of the Week: Wallstreet Trapper (Leon Howard) Strategic Brand Building
25:46 The Blueprint: Mastering the Gap to Truly Embody Your Craft (Druski's Example)
37:12 The Blueprint: The Value of Creating Series to Create Future Opportunities (Druski)
46:15 This or That Sponsor: Flight Assessment
46:45 This or That: Is TikTok Hypocritical or Not - Why is TikTok restricted for children everywhere but the US?
58:12 Wrap Up: Leave a Review and Check Out Our After Show
59:14 Final Words: Look to Overcome Your Weaknesses

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