The Unexpected Marketing Strategy That Made Him Millions w/ Nehemiah Davis | Episode 119

Welcome to Nicky And Moose Ep. 119 The Unexpected Marketing Strategy That Made Him Millions w/ Nehemiah Davis ( @NehemiahDavis ) *** Try Ecamm Live for free for 14 days:

In this episode of Nicky & Moose, guest star Nehemiah Davis shares brand identity principles that’ll elevate your brand.

What You Will Learn
* What effective mentorship looks like.
* Types of collaboration
* How to effectively market your brand.
* How to optimize your tools and resources.
* How to gain visibility for your brand.

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The Unexpected Marketing Strategy That Made Him Millions w/ Nehemiah Davis | Episode 119
00:00 Interviewing Nehemiah Davis: Multi-Millionaire and Killer Marketer
0:46 Nicky and Moose Intro
1:15 ECAMM Live: 14-Day Free Trial Subscription
1:58 Neo Davis’s Backstory: How did you get to where you are today?
6:11 The Importance of Mindset Over Skillset
8:27 What got you into the Event Space world and where are you at with it now?
12:14 Defining Marketing and Branding: What is the difference and value?
15:32 Building Followers and Brand Awareness: What was the most you grew within a year and how?
20:07 Why Having a Humble Mentality Can Set You Back
24:31 Sharing Resources and Acquiring Customers with Automation: The Pros and Cons
34:38 How much do you spend on ads and what's the most you made in a day?
40:52 How crucial is the power of collaboration and what's your strategy going into 2023?
45:43 If you had to start all over again with the knowledge you have now, what would you do?
49:24 Neo's Thoughts on Finding a Steady Work-Life Balance
53:02 Having the knowledge you have now, how else are you learning?
56:22 Mentorship: Top 3 Pieces of Advice Neo Learned from Influential People in His Life
1:00:51 What are 3 books that helped you with your brand and business?
1:01:58 Wrap Up and Where to Learn More About Neo Davis
1:03:33 Final Words: 2023 is the Year of Determination - Treat Every Day Like January 1st

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