Nicky And Moose

Stay Locked In

Aight fam I know it took me awhile to get here with this review esp because I got mad love & respect for the both of you. However
I am so glad that I didn’t pass up this episode because it spoke to every area of my life.

Especially on how you all broke down the business mindset of Jayz followed with bringing up Nip & Kobes mentality &
how to deliver ones self in being competitive.

As you know Nicky & Moose how I highly regard you both. Let me just repeat the words of our brother Quest Green “Let the following words sit deep down in both of you all’s (Nicky & Moose) Spirit”

Nicky your expressive boldness never fails to deliver your content flawlessly and them multiple voice fluctuations keep us laughing for days. Moose, it’s never a dull moment when you get Nicky fiyaah up. I appreciate your “Play the Long Game” breakdown, I needed that encouragement as only the true Disc Doctor Moose could provide. A million kudos & big alofas for the both of you. Overland 🦋🎼🏁🦋

March 4, 2021 by Overlands_Spot🏁🦋 on Apple Podcasts

Nicky And Moose