Nicky And Moose The Podcast

Nicky And Moose The Podcast takes an inside look at some of the world’s top personal brands and businesses to reveal the blueprint behind their success. Every episode features the strategies, the mindset, and the psychology behind your favorite entrepreneurs. So whether you are building your personal brand or scaling your business, your hosts; Nicky Saunders And Mostafa Ghonim will help you to walk away with practical steps to take you to the next level!

Recent Episodes

Episode 50 - From Behind Bars To Media Mogul With Wallo 267

Sept. 14, 2021

It’s a celebration!!! We made it to Episode 50 of Nicky and Moose: The Podcast ! But, in this episode, your hosts didn’t break out the cake and balloons. Instead, they brought on branding and marketing genius Wallo aka Wallo…

Guest: Wallo 267

Episode 49 - How To Serve Strategically

Sept. 7, 2021

Welcome to episode 49 of Nicky and Moose: The Podcast ! Check out today’s episode as your hosts discuss what’s poppin’ with The Joe Rogan Podcast and Spotify, of course, the Drake and Kanye album rollouts, as well as what’s …

Episode 48 - The Power Of Culture

Aug. 31, 2021

Welcome to Episode 48 of Nicky and Moose: The Podcast . Today’s episode is all about competition so, be sure to tune in as your hosts discuss what’s poppin’ with Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley, Jay Z and Beyonce’s Tiffany’s end…

Episode 47 - Competition Vs Collaboration

Aug. 24, 2021

Welcome to this special edition of Nicky and Moose: The Podcast . Episode 47 is sure not to disappoint as your hosts sit down for their very first in-person podcast! Join the Queens’ natives as they discuss what’s poppin’ wi…

Episode 46 - The Power Of An Influencer

Aug. 17, 2021

Episode 46 of Nicky and Moose: The Podcast is a can’t miss! We have another episode full of blueprints to navigate you on your branding and business journeys. Join your hosts as they discuss what makes an influencer, the nec…

Episode 45 - The Billionaire Freedom

Aug. 10, 2021

Welcome to Episode 45 of Nicky and Moose: The Podcast . Today’s episode is full of money and gems so, be sure to tune in as your hosts discuss what’s poppin’ with South Park, Verzuz, Rhianna of course, and Diddy or Sean Com…

About the Hosts

Nicky Saunders


In the world of content creation and social media strategy, Nicky Saunders is an influential voice who educates her mass following on growing their online presence with techniques that are organic and impactful. As a personal branding specialist best known for her skill in video editing, Nicky is the strategist behind the growth of motivational speaker Eric Thomas’s online community, increasing his Facebook and Instagram accounts from 300,000 followers to 2 million in a year and a half. Nicky is driven to help her digital community by not only giving them tools and resources that are distinctive from others, but to help them feel comfortable with telling their stories in a way that feels true to them.

Based on the results she achieved for Thomas and his team, Nicky was encouraged to start her own agency in 2018. She created Beastmode Digital (relaunching as Deeper Than The Brand), an online community and one-stop-shop for assisting speakers, authors, coaches, and entertainers with services like consulting, graphic and web design, content creation, and online course development. Outside of her agency and being head of media and online branding for Thomas, Nicky is a partner in several projects, including Social Media Examiner – a social media marketing resource destination – where she is an instructor in their society and helping to organize their video summit, and Thomas’s new program extreme execution, which helps coaches and entrepreneurs create six-figure businesses by teaching them how to tap into their strengths and identify how to be their best selves through a Flight Assessment. Currently, Nicky is the co-host of the Nicky and Moose Podcast, where, along with her co-host Mostafa Ghonim, they take an inside look into the world’s top personal brands and businesses to reveal the blueprint behind their success.

Mostafa Ghonim


Mostafa Ghonim is a business consultant, speaker, and certified DISC facilitator. He is the CEO of Ghonim & Co., a boutique consulting firm that partners with CEOs, executives and organizations to improve their culture and performance, human-to-human. After spending nearly a decade working in the hospitality industry, Mostafa knows what truly drives understanding, connection, and culture shifts that have a lasting impact on individuals and organizations. He believes your ability to empathize with others is the foundation of healthy, high-performing environments.

In addition to his extensive leadership and customer service experience, Mostafa is a certified DISC trainer and keynote speaker. Mostafa has landed coverage in print and broadcast outlets around the world, including CNN, Fox & NPR. Mostafa has written or co-created multiple books in the “You Ain’t The Boss of Me” series.

Mostafa holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Alma College. He resides in New York City with his mother and aunt. In his spare time, he enjoys playing baseball and acting as a B-list food critic.