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First time listener

Today was my first time listening to this podcast. I already knew it would be good based on your Instagram page, always dropping gems!! Bravo 👏🏾

My New Favorite Show

This podcast hits on all the topics I care about including marketing, entertainment, and the culture! Always good gems and inspiration. Nothing but good vibes

Get This Knowledge

This podcast is always dropping gems. Pay attention folks. Thanks Nicky, thank you Moose! Bless 🙏🏽

A Must Listen

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better you guys KILLED it again!! The amount of gems dropped in this episode people charge thousands for. This will definitely be on repeat because when I say gem after gem was dropped. I appreciate everything you guys do!! Just REAL and UNCUT great start to the New Year. @CurvyGirlCorner


I would love to write and write and write about what you two do but for Nicky’s benefit I’ll be short. What you two are doing in this podcast landscape is untouchable. Your influence will be forever lived. Y’all the ROOT and the branches will forever keep growing. Your success will forever create and birth successors and I hope you two get to witness it. Appreciate y’all.

Where Have I Been

Bree here! Thank you Nicky & Moose for consistently showing up to discuss in real time the money moves, wins, losses and lessons within our culture. As an entrepreneur, military spouse & mom I typically keep my head down getting after the impact I’m looking to make, so I’m a little late to the party. I’m grateful that you help me keep the pulse on things I’d otherwise be missing AND offer gems that I can apply in life and business. Much respect! @itsbreecarroll

Sincere Apology

I truly love and admire the content you put out consistently. I’ve been listening casually and always thought I should leave a review but something would come up and I’d forget. As I was listening to Episode 57, your interview with Connie S. Falls, I was compelled to pull over and force a moment to say THANK YOU! I sincerely apologize for leaving a review before, but today I was convicted and had to thank you for this particular blessing and ALL the work you put to educate and entertain. Keep leading the way! Ernie Cason aka Lovey from Married Into Crazy

If you don’t listen to this podcast you’re losing

If you don’t listen to this podcast you’re losing

These are slept on

Nicky and Moose have the perfect combination of peanut butter and jelly with their chemistry and approach when talking all things current events, while finding the branding and business lessons in them all. Listening to them is an investment in making all you do better.

Episode 53

Nicky and Moose! Champions, leaders in their own rights, Not only informative thought provoking but seeks to empower, advocates for those who have autonomy as well as those who seeks to find their own agency. Provides knowledge of current events, insider trends and markets gems to inspiring and igniting by simplifying the creative process behind leveling the Plainfield for those unrecognized to leveraging abilities

You guys keep getting better and better!

This was yet another great episode! You two did a great job with this one and both of you killed it on stage! I liked how ya’ll broke down ET’s situation with Peleton and you two plus Jemal were my MVPs for Day 2 of 120 Live. Keep raising the bar guys and I’m looking forward to seeing you in Chicago! -Aaron, @aarontheartist

Talk about Energy

That energy is bananas, even just listening you can feel it. Let's keep I going until the whole squad is up. 🏁🏁🏁

Like the podcast in real Life!!!

They are DOPE!!!! I went to the 120 Live conference and both were speakers……. CRAZY AMAZING!!!! Nicky and Moose took the time to just answer question and give me game. Y’all are dope and you have a FOREVER SUPPORTER!!!

Nothing but 💎s

I started listening/ watching Nicky & Moose a month ago, in EVERY Episode, EVERY… there is always some nugget dropped that every person/brand can utilize. The Strategies are tangible and easy to execute and implement. And the LIVES are just 🔥🔥 They have become one of top podcast/YOUTUBE lives I never miss!

Complete Package

Nickey and Moose, along with the rest of The Resonance Network, provide the information and energy that’s needed in today’s society. I’ll keep it short but keep putting out great content and information.

Dynamic duo

Nicky and Moose’s podcast provides so much value to its listener. I consistently tune in to the heat they bring every episode… Great work you guys


Every episode is another level and add so much insight that keeps me brand and business focused.

🔥🔥🔥 What More Can I Say??!!

I must say I’m not a true “podcast” type of person, there are only a few select that I listen to because I’m careful with who I’m learning from and what’s being consumed.. This podcast brings you closer to the Moguls and Brands we all know and love with a perspective or business, personality and an architectural view of the marketing behind these Personal Brands and Businesses. The way Nicky & Moose break down each guest and featured topic is unmatched. Definitely a refreshing listen, cant wait to see what’s to come from these two.

SO MUCH RAW TRUTH for brands and marketing Thank you for helping us learn through other brands !

The whole “ learn from others mistake “ is taken into consideration when it comes to this podcast, except here I’ve learned with you guys to learn from other mistake and also wins. So much marketing, branding, and PERSONAL development. I love the breakdowns and up to date news ! Wishing many other brands get to benefit from this as well. Xx

Ketchup? Or Catch Up? 😁😁😁

Welp fam for me it’s both for Ketchup on all main courses is a necessity unless you’re a bomb cook like our BU Bro DLo maybe not 👀 And leaving reviews has been crazy to stay caught up with Anyway point is Nicky & Moose are my timeless faves, I’m a stronger spirit & human because of their consistency on these weekly podcast episodes. Hence are just a few major whys of why I stay rocking with them. So log on & be elevated NYC style. You’ll be grateful you did. 💛💜💛💜Fam

Always Great Advice and Content!!

I hate when I miss the lives on IG, but I love being able to catch the podcasts and apply everything given! Content Revolutionaries! Thank you.

On time Real & Relevant

Relevant content for the real entrepreneurs. A masterclass in branding, scaling and content creation. I appreciate the mindset and insights of both of them.

Bombs Dropping

Yooo, it's napalmjax Mr. Run That Back, been rocking with you guys since FB live, love the podcast, and how you guys always put that branding spin on current situations. But at the same time keep them bombs dropping like air horns. Always Deeper Than The Brand... 🏁🏁🏁🏁

We are The World 😜

Konichiwa Fam, Alright this episode was fiyaaaah because you both let us in a little further on your love for people & diversity in cultures. The value of time management & even with different pockets of solid branding & life info you both provide. You both always have me busting up laughing & enlighten. Esp with shooting ones shot. So here’s my mid court shot out of Colorado. I fully expect to take a photo with you both in Atlanta for our BU Fam 120 Conference 🤙🏽🤙🏽 In my sis nickys voice “You know what I mean?” & cant leave Moose out “Facts, Major Facts.” And in my own voice 😜You know I’m what I’m gonna say CHEEEEEEWHOOOO! Love You All - Overland

Don't Cut My Vibe

😂😂😂 Refer to March's "Locked In" Post 🤪👀Nicky .. lol So here it is short & sweet. I Love listening to Nicky & Moose because they truly ebb & flow as a team. Hands Down the emptiom of what it looks like to support each other & like Lilo & Stitch they don't leave each other behind. Two G.o.A.T's making History day in & day out. Keep Killing it! 🙌🏽🏁🦁🏁🙌🏽 Love

Relevant, Entertaining and Empowering all at the same time!

It’s impossible to listen to this podcast and not walk away with relevant, entertaining and thought provoking insights into branding, entrepreneurship and the world of business. It’s literally a branding master class for entrepreneurs.

Well produced

I listen to the whole episode then I have watch it on YouTube as well. I don’t miss an episode.

Love the Podcast

I love your podcast, but especially the latest episode with Jeremy Joyce. I have been doing side hustles for years but people always tell me to narrow down to one thing. I recently started with a business coach. I’m so inspired to take my business to the next level. Thanks so much for helping us. There are so many people that are working and want to build something for themselves outside of Social media

Killing it

I love this podcast. The flight assessment piece and how they go into the lives of people we know as celebrities helps to bring a fresh perspective. Straight fire 🙌🏾

My Weekly Branding Blueprint!

I listen to the Nicky & Moose podcast weekly at the gym, and it’s taken my business and branding knowledge to the next level. Can’t thank y’all enough for the constant gems, much love!🙏🏽



A Whole New Worlf

I love learning about a culture and world unknown to me. Nicky and Moose inform and entertain.

I love this podcast

Hey you guys thanks for the content appreciate it 🔥🔥🔥💣💣

The masters of the game

Love listening to these two and the depth of knowledge they bring to us is second to none

There’s Levels To This

I will keep this review simple so Nicky can read it on the show (got you fam). Both Nicky and Moose go in depth into what branding looks like on a deeper level. This shows challenges my thinking and is entertaining. Love y’all and thank you (airhorn)

Great Listen!

I absolutely LOVE this podcast! I enjoy listening to podcasts that talk about branding and Nicky & Moose definitely deliver. I love the breakdowns of different brands such as Jay Z, Kobe, the Kardashians, etc. This podcast inspires me to keep growing as an entrepreneur and allows me to learn new things.

A Free Masterclass

In a world driven by social media, we see the fruits of the labors of success, but we don’t get to understand the mentality and drive behind it. I love how this podcast dissects what sets those people apart so that we can understand those differentiators and apply them. Tying this back to the flight assessment makes it even more practical - great podcast & insights.

A New Favorite 🤩

30 seconds in, I knew this was going to be one of my favorites. The energy Nicky brings is so magnetic, you gotta love her. Moose is the laid back personality that shoots straight from the hip. I love the dynamic of this podcast as well as all the practical steps to strive & stay on course. Personal development as it’s best. Bout to go back and listen to all the other episodes I missed. Appreciate y’all...much luv ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎💯

Stay Locked In

Aight fam I know it took me awhile to get here with this review esp because I got mad love & respect for the both of you. However I am so glad that I didn’t pass up this episode because it spoke to every area of my life. Especially on how you all broke down the business mindset of Jayz followed with bringing up Nip & Kobes mentality & how to deliver ones self in being competitive. As you know Nicky & Moose how I highly regard you both. Let me just repeat the words of our brother Quest Green “Let the following words sit deep down in both of you all’s (Nicky & Moose) Spirit” Nicky your expressive boldness never fails to deliver your content flawlessly and them multiple voice fluctuations keep us laughing for days. Moose, it’s never a dull moment when you get Nicky fiyaah up. I appreciate your “Play the Long Game” breakdown, I needed that encouragement as only the true Disc Doctor Moose could provide. A million kudos & big alofas for the both of you. Overland 🦋🎼🏁🦋


These two are making major shifts for me mentally. I’ve recently got into a major car accident that allowed me to re-evaluate my entire existence. My ETA Coach Ash put me on to Nicky and shortly the podcast started and honestly I feel like I’m in college every episode. This content is undeniably some of the most critical, practical, obvious content out that’s easily digestible. I appreciate y’all so much frfr I get so pumped off your information I go into application mode and forget, but y’all deserve ALL the roses 💐💐💯💯

Just a Kid from Chicago :)

Hey Nicky... Ina here...(That’s E-NA). I’m just trying to catch up to you, but I’m so happy you always encourage us to be ourselves & find our own voice. I’ve been listening to your IG lives, Facebook show, and now the this podcast because you’re so real and have helped me a lot. For starters, I had a lot of trouble putting out content due to cyber harassment & bullying but you helped me build my confidence. Within about a year, my self monologue got better & I found more courage. I started to implement wisdom I got from ET, Words Taylor, You & Moose & Curt & my brand & social media reach improved. I only have about 2k followers but after staying consistent with dropping daily reels, one of my reels reached 23k views. I didn’t expect that too happen. It just happened. I’m not too caught up in the #’s though & still don’t understand why it got so many views, but I truly appreciate even one new follower & one or two comments. I appreciate you for teaching that part. It is the comments from people I feel really got to know me & my brand who make me keep going and creating content. Thank you for everything you do & helping me feel ok for being me!!! Much love!

Trey Brown

All I have to say is WOW! The impact that this one Podcast had on a friend of mine was powerful! They were going through a rough patch and I shared with them this Podcast on 15 year old Trey Brown and it gave them hope. Super grateful for Nicky and Moose.

Nicky and Moose! They get real and get loose! ❤️

I love this podcast; they bring positive energy, mixed with fun, lightheartedness, and also inspire through storytelling. I love the airhorn! -Inspired by these stories, God is great! -Mymy


This podcast exemplifies the true core meaning of selfless VALUE with a innovative and creative approach. Nicky and Moose are giving countless gems for all brands to create a playbook to be successful.

Required Listening for ALL Entrepreneurs!

This is such an incredible podcast!! The perspectives make you pause and think and the tips helps you implement what you’ve learned. Love this show!! 💯⚡️

Class in Session

I got put on this show after the ET Coaching Calls and Moose talking. I’m glad I did, cuz Nicky is hilarious! Nicky and Moose have very intelligent conversations that stimulate the mind and have a positive influence on your character, helping you on your way to success. Thanks again for what y’all do!

Buckle Your Seatbelt!!

Nicky and Moose are a dynamic duo like none that I’ve come across(flow so well together)! The lessons, the, knowledge and the wisdom keeps you coming back for more! If you’re looking for content that’s introspective, thought provoking, actionable and straight up FIRE, this is the podcast for you!! 📝 Ihsaan- The StyleJumper

My Thoughts

wassup Nicky & Moose, i just listened to the first episode of 2021 all the way through and i received SO much value and insight from Inky, i love what you all are doing, and keep up the great work!

If you know know Nicky I’m not sure what you’re doing

Nicky is such a gem and I’m so so happy this podcast is here! I should be paying for this info!! Tap into Nicky and Mouse! Such a great duo!!

So many takeaways

I love these three takeaways: 1. Remain a student of the game! Never stop learning! 2. Significance of really living the life you talk about! Power of your words! 3. Understanding the need for a mindset shift! Your mindset is key!


Real people from the realest borough in the world!!!! Great and valuable content. Dont sleep on Nicky & Moose if you want knowledge and game.

Leaders of the New Skool

Nicky and Moose are making the DISC Assessment come alive with real world avatars. Not only are they bringing insightful details in their examples, but they also drop gems for marketing and branding yourself that you can use yourself. I want to be able to looks at myself and others through their lenses. Super Dope!😎😎😎 At 40:00, Nicky basically put me in the corner and explained me, only for Moose to explain my wife at 45:30. 🤯🤯🤯

Make it plain

God uses this ministry and Pastor E to make it plain... for everyone to understand and grasp. Ty brother for speaking to Gods people and especially using language for Black people to walk in victory and embrace simple but necessary concepts! ❤️❤️🙏🏾


Always 🔥 Always dropping 💎‘s

Nothing but greatness in every episode

Every episode has been nothing but greatness. When Nicky drop anything it’s bound to be worth listening too or getting. Thank you both this podcast. #GODSPEED -HENDO

Much appreciated

Just wanted to say thank you for all the gems you two are giving in these episodes. I’ve listened to the Floyd episode and the Rick Ross episode so far and I came across Nicky’s page on IG from the explore page. It was one of her messages about branding I honestly believe the universe put your page let alone the podcast in my sights to help me grown my brand. Very much appreciated, thank you for taking the time to record these episodes.

S2S Spinoff

hey guys! my name is LBreezie from Cali/LA and I been on ETA'nem from a self development standpoint, so im familiar with u, i literally just started listening and my creative ideas are already blastin off from a branding and business aspect! i'm lovin it & lookin forward to many more glad i found out about the podcast! anybody that rock wit ET im listening and soaking up ALL the Gems!!!

Nicky is the truuuuth!

I'm new, but I'm obsessed! Found this podcast in the category of "New Best-Sellers" on iTunes, so shout out to them for that! Excited to tap in! Have followed Nicky on Instagram for a while, so loving getting to learn from her beyond that platform!


I am absolutely speechless with how amazing and inspiring this Episode was. Love how ET talked so highly of studying the Book Of You! Yesss Yesss and Yesss!

This duo is simply necessary.

I’ll keep this short. There isn’t anything to say about Nicky that hasn’t already been said about Obama purrriod!


I’m loving this episode and all the nuggets CJ dropped! 🔥🔥

You guys keep getting better and better!

This episode was meant for me to hear. You two did a great job with this one and CJ dropped gem after gem! This is an episode I will play repeatedly as I ramp up into 2021. My episode surpassed the LeBron James one as my new favorite. Keep raising the bar guys! -Aaron, @aarontheartist


This has got to be my absolute FAVORITE episode thus far!!! I felt like Karl was talking directly to me because this is my life. I have already listened to this episode a couple of times. I so needed this , I need to MOVE MY MASS!!!

Favorite episode

I could relate so much to Karl because I am very introverted! Having Karl on the Podcast was incredible and this one is probably my favorite one! Love the tips he provided and all the authenticity!

Great content

Wow, the gems dropped are amazing. I thank y’all for creating a space for others to share their experiences and for sharing such knowledge. I especially love the episode with Karl. I’m a high S, high C and I definitely catch myself in a supportive role and just going at a MUCH slower pace than I need to. I also find myself doubting the decisions I may make. He encouraged me to do better for myself and for those connected to me: start with where I'm at and stay consistent at it. Stop fearing others and just do the assignment I’ve been put on earth to do. My Judge is God, not others. So I’m definitely about to take action because at the end of the day, I’ll have to share what I’ve done with Him. Thanks Karl for sharing your story. Thanks Nicky and Moose for utilizing this platform to help others. Keep the content coming! Let’s go!!

Karl is the Goat

Content was so rich man I was transformed by this episode.

Hidden Gems!!!

Woah, what an amazing Podcast! There’s so many gems in this Podcast and they’re so chill while doing it. Keep on rocking, y’all are killin’ it!

Who needs t v anymore?

This podcast is entertaining, educational and raw! The topics are broken down in a way thats so helpful for people to understand!! So inspiring 👏🙌

For the culture

Social media culture needs Nicky and Moose. Value! Value! Value is what they provide and from an amazing perspective. The sky is the limit.... #textsquad #replaysquad

More 🔥

Every week is full of value! This podcast is like a toolbox and I’m ready to go to work! Let’s goooooo!

The Best

Hands down best content. Build your business build your brand, they are sharing all the great ideas to get ahead. Thank you for dropping the 💎💎💎💎💎💎


Every episode is packed with value after value. Keep it coming

Love Nicky and Moose

Love this perspective on titles! Amazing episode as always!

Crackhead vibes

I have to listen to every episode about 3 or 4 times, I have to tune in to Nicky’s lives (*cough* we need to get moose on a live camera *cough*) ... definitely a major shift on how I view marketing and branding. Definitely helped me mold my current system. Thank you! #TeamAirTrafficControl #TeamUnstructred

One of the Best Podcast outside from the S2S podcast

Love it❗️ Love it ❗️ Love it❗️always adding grand


Do you know how people listen to music in their headphones and do strange things? Me! I'm PEOPLE DOING STRANGE THINGS!! I don't know anything about sports, but the gems yall drop feel like I'm in the game running the quarterback down the center field goal! Whatever that means. Yall have a community of dope! Salute, and Thanks for everything you guys do! Bless up!


What an amazing viewpoint on Drake! I loved this episode!

So Many Lessons From Professors Nicky & Moose

You will benefit from the real world lessons that can be applied to your business or personal brand from Nicky and Moose The Podcast. No matter where you are in your life, there is always something that will resonate with listeners. If you aren’t sure where to start, the Jennifer Lopez Breakdown is a great place to jump right in as the story of her drive and work ethic is one that will leave you motivated and inspired to take on whatever goal that you personally set out for yourself. Subscribe to Nicky and Moose The Podcast and make share to share this gem with others.

One of the Best Podcast outside from the S2S podcast

Love it❗️ Love it ❗️ Love it❗️


The amount of energy, the wealth of knowledge that is communicated.....Is like no other. You can see and feel the passion of branding with Nikky & Moose. I feel so empowered and educated after listening to this powerful duo. Keep up the great works guys!!!!! You are simply amazing.....

Wow! Just Wow

I love the JLO episode because they are really having me re evaluate my work ethic and actually giving my permission to whole heartedly put myself into my work. What Moose said, being able to take what has been applied at other levels and then look at it in your life. This made me think of a live that Nicky had done on Instagram. She was talking about how we should look at other people who are in our industry and learn their strategies and then take note of what they are not doing and make content with that. This podcast always makes me feel amazing and happy! I love Nicky and Moose!

This podcast is FIRE!

Great content, flow and conversations. I love it!!! Keep those episodes coming.

Episode 3 🔥🔥🔥

Definitely never looked at J.Lo in this light. There were so many aha moments for me in this episode. The breakdown is absolutely something I’ll keep coming back to because it was so rich! Thanks y’all!!!

Nicky and Moose

Nicky in Moose energy and knowledge are directly real & on point and straight to it and can’t forget hilarious.

Unbelievable amount of info

The amount of applicable information we receive is unheard of. Each podcast is like a conference. Thanks so much Nicky.


This podcast is hands down undervalued! So far it’s been nothing but gems, and if applied they’ll definitely help you grow

Fire content

If you have not heard of Nicky and Moose you are behind the game. Get from underneath your rock and get these gems on branding and business. Trust me you will not be disappointed. Also follow Nicky on Instagram @thisisNickys

NY Vibe, West Coast Hussle, soon Global Empire

My favorite cast for brand and business with gems dropped on every episode. If you can’t get right with this podcast rethink your life.


Love the spoken word “Intro!” Hearing the breakdown of the FLIGHT ✈️ ASSESSMENT was cool😎 !! Keep it going🔥

love it

I’m glad that I found this podcast. Very good information and definitely taught me a lot .Well wishing keep going !




This podcast is 🔥🔥🔥! I love how authentic and transparent they are. I love the voices and their amazing personalities. Being a newer brand, Nicky and Moose help to give their listeners practical tools and strategies to get to the next level. The time is now to #level up! With this podcast, they help you to self reflect on your tendencies to improve yourself

100% Gems!!

Been listening these two since they started up on Facebook and the way they breakdown different people and dissect the business aspects that you can take and use in your own world is amazing. The differing dynamics between Nicky & Moose bring a refreshing insight to their unique view points around the topic at hand. And the way they articulate that makes it such an entertaining way for the consumer to digest the information so they can apply those same winning techniques. Tap in, you won’t be sorry you did!

Another Week Of Flames

Another great week!! This content is rich!!!!!

The Best to Ever Do It

What kind of podcast is this, where you can get personal development strategies/insights, branding and content creation tips in one setting. Nicky and Moose are my favorite dynamic duo. I can’t wait to see them on their show and now I can take their everywhere with me via the podcast.

The Dynamic Duo

Be it branding or using the D. I. S. C. Assessment to level up in any or every area of life, Nicky and Moose CONSISTENTLY give simple, easy, and practical steps to follow that anyone implement into their lives to improve and grow. From this podcast to YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, it’s worth life’s most precious commodity - time.

What’s Poppin?

Nicky & Moose, love the content love your energy. Congrats!! I am a fan. I wish you much much continued success. Keep it coming. BTW I think Floyd is primarily a flight attendant but the pilot is not far behind. Proud of y’all! Let’s go 100 Coach Rice

Gang Gang Gang!

Nicky and Moose give the best experienced based information to grow and brand your business. Breaking the greats down by their personality and asking the audience where they see themselves. They want you to win and giving you the blueprint to win in business. Love their vibe and glad to be apart of they tribe! #podcastgang

The Best

Hands down best content. Build your business build your brand, they are sharing all the great ideas to get ahead.

Thinking cap

I love I have to put on my thinking cap. The knowledge y’all share always make me go hmmmmm. Think more outside the box and beyond the grey area.

Extreme value

Nicky & Moose always come with the game changing content. Their perspectives and insight are super helpful. Listening to them has brought tremendous value to my brand and creative mindset. Thank you both! Keep going 🚀


Everyone will now get to experience what this outstanding duo is capable of. The ability that they have to analyze something current and make it both relevant and resonate with the listeners is AMAZING!!!

Straight Gemz 💎

This podcast came out with the heat and is gonna blow up the podcast word flame. The Nicky and Moose breakdowns are like no other and you want to subscribe to this! 💯💯

The Best Duo

This podcast has been one I’ve been waiting for and it didn’t disappoint. It’s only the beginning and it’s hitting the charts like 🔥🔥🔥.

Next Level Nuggets!

Constantly dropping fire nuggets! One of my favorite podcasts!

Goats 🐐

Great information too building a brand and really great information on self assigning!

BEEN waiting on this!

Finalllllyyy! So much great information and gems. I love this duo. Excited about this 🔥💥

Dropping Gems

I love the gems that you all drop. It truly priceless. I’m learned so much from you two.


This podcast is everything! Educational AND entertaining! Insightful AND inspiring! For the introvert, extrovert and even us ambiverts! Listen and learn!


If you aren’t ready to take yourself, your business & content to the next level keep it movin! It’s always gems & great conversation with these two, cant wait to see what you guys do with the the podcast! Congratulations!

Refreshing real world dialogue

These are people of character which is important to me so I know they practice what they “preach.” Looking into the “why” of what people are all about is a great concept. Ever since taking the assessment test, understanding what drives people completely changed my perspective on the impact others have in this world. It showed how I add value to others and how others can fill in the gaps in my life that I’m lacking in.

Content is king

Love how Nicky and Moose always bring the fire weekly with their successful personal brand and mindset discussions🔥💪🏽😤


I’m telling you, if you want some good content and some real GAME... You need to TAP IN ASAP!!

From Colorado

Love the content. Keep helping people succeed.

Yeah y’all got one

This podcast is just unique. It’s very rare that you look at celebrities in a business and branding light. It’s even more rare that you get clarity on certain principles or blueprints to apply to your own business or brand. Love this!!!

Come thru Nicky & Moose

This is going to be a whole nother level to hear something now seeing it come to fruition. Give America what yall been giving us ayee its lit.

Mind Blowing Content 🤯

I know these two personally. Please audience get ready for content that will blow your mind and take your personal, professional or business brands to the next level. This podcast is literally a dream come true for those seeking to not only build your brand, but also tap into your skills/gift set.

About Time!

Love it, I’ve been yelling at Mostafa this whole time that this should’ve been the move. Excited to hear this in pod form. Good luck & stay dedicated. You guys are made for this



Yayyyyy Podcast!!

I am here for this and you Nicky!!!!! The gems you drop make an ig scroll worthwhile. So excited you are deciding to Broaden your platforms!!

You know what time it is!

Nicky is constantly going to the next level. Dominating IG, then adding FB, recently adding YouTube, and now Podcast. She is a consistent beast! And Moose always dropping knowledge with his cool, calm demeanor. Congrats to you both!!

Thank you!

I’m so excited to be able to listen in on the drive home. Nicky & Moose are Gurus, “It’s about to go down!” No more excuses only EXECUTION from here out 💪🏼

I already know this podcast about to be fire!

I haven’t listened to a podcast just yet, but going through brand prep and following both moose and Nicky on social media has been beneficial to my brand. So again I say, I already know this podcast is about to be fire! Good luck to the both of you on this new venture! Tamara

Excited for more!!

I’m up for the ride and can’t wait to hear more from you two!

The Evolution of Nicky and Moose💪🏾

From the IG Lives to the Facebook lives to the Podcasts. LET’S GOOOOO!!! @thisisnickys and @mostafa_ghonim Now I can listen while I work!! All Gas NO BRAKES!!!!

Best in the business

Nicky & Moose are not only knowledgeable, but the speak to every person at every level of a branding or entrepreneurial journey. They may not be the first to discuss branding, but they are definitely amongst the best. From breakdowns of mental blocks to real life tactical suggestions, this podcast is sure to give you exactly what you need as you move along the journey to building your brand!


Been waiting for this !!! Already a phenomenal listen

Breaking down Brands and Businesses in simple terms

Their breakdown and review of brands and businesses in simple, relatable terms minus all the business jargon appeals to everyone at any level.

Great Launch

What up Nicky and Moose! I love the new podcast. I will definitely be tuning in regularly. @NE3Music.. Sinceray Jackson


Yo this podcast drops heat & all kinds of mental gems! I love it!

The Floyd Mayweather Breakdown

Nicky and Moose are the truth! Love your flight assessment!! Love everything you guys put out!!

Branding Experts!!

I watch the Nicky and Moose show on FB live and get gems for days!! I know this podcast already gonna be fire from the trailer alone!! Praise God for inspiring people to help others!

What’s poppin what’s poppin what’s poppin?

I’m super excited about this podcast. I’ve been receiving great benefit from the live shows on Facebook... but A PODCAST is even better. I am a fan of both Nicky and Moose because they are sooo relatable and they do a great job of highlighting the clues that success leaves. I highly recommend!!!

Great start

Can’t wait for more episodes. Nicky always drops 💎💎💎

Next Level Stuff

I’ve watched the Facebook and Instagram lives. It has helped me develop and implement strategies to improve how I relate to others, understanding how others operate, and learn the different context style of people.

Knowledge, Entertaining, Information

Nicky and Moose provide a bucket load of knowledge and information to help listeners understand and grow their brand and businesses. The examples and breakdowns are always fluid and provide the pop of entertainment to keep listeners engaged. I guarantee you will come away with at least one or more nugget or 💎each time you tune in! Keep it up! 💯

The GOAT’s

Love these 2!!! They drop so many gems and truly inspire me to do better. They’re advice is always on point!! Thank you for that!!! I’ll see y’all at the top! 🤙🏽🙏🏽 loviiiiin this podcast 🔥 🔥 #textgang

With love from Dallas

Thank you for all the valuable information that you provide on IG! Now the podcast?!? Congrats Yall! So excited to continued to learn from y’all. -Gabi

Value Stackers

So much value from the Moose and Nicky show! A lot of insight on human behavior and the awareness it brings to your surroundings. You guys are amazing!!