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Dropping Gems

Keep it up! I’m definitely catching the gems y’all are dropping!! Thank you

Wow! Episode 129 Was Fire 🔥

I listen every week. I have been growing my e-commerce business for a while, but recently started a coaching program for new business owners to teach the fundamentals. This episode about self doubt was so impactful. I love when you mentioned the only way to silence or quite down self doubt is to keep working and prove to ourselves that we can accomplish our goals. Also I loved the part about remembering why we started and that the main focus is to serve the people not focus on ourselves. This is so powerful and helpful.

Great content

I have been listening to you guys for a little bit. I caught on to the duo late but been following Nicky on ig for a while. I am currently not subscribed to get the bonus footage but I have plans in place where I will be at the top of next quarter. Keep up the great work thanks for all you do. It is appropriated.


This is my first time listening and I will definitely be tuned in. Nicky is always on my Meta and LinkedIn timeline sharing wisdom! Love her energy!

Nicky and Moose been dropping gems

Now it’s in audio form. Appreciate the continued information and conversation

Ego Is The Enemy of Collaboration

Writing as I’m listening. This episode is a Masterclass. This goes into mindset and reprogramming dialogues in such a tangible way. It’s a gut checker from the giver and the receiver. Thank you both. I’ve been personally very slow to move, yet the content within this episode applies to me and working around it and aspects of it within me. Thank You.

I def took/take notes

As I’m still growing, (really figuring out) how to convey my brand’s message becomes easier with each listen to these episodes. Every episode 💎get dropped!

First time listener

Today was my first time listening to this podcast. I already knew it would be good based on your Instagram page, always dropping gems!! Bravo 👏🏾

My New Favorite Show

This podcast hits on all the topics I care about including marketing, entertainment, and the culture! Always good gems and inspiration. Nothing but good vibes

Get This Knowledge

This podcast is always dropping gems. Pay attention folks. Thanks Nicky, thank you Moose! Bless 🙏🏽

A Must Listen

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better you guys KILLED it again!! The amount of gems dropped in this episode people charge thousands for. This will definitely be on repeat because when I say gem after gem was dropped. I appreciate everything you guys do!! Just REAL and UNCUT great start to the New Year. @CurvyGirlCorner


I would love to write and write and write about what you two do but for Nicky’s benefit I’ll be short. What you two are doing in this podcast landscape is untouchable. Your influence will be forever lived. Y’all the ROOT and the branches will forever keep growing. Your success will forever create and birth successors and I hope you two get to witness it. Appreciate y’all.

Where Have I Been

Bree here! Thank you Nicky & Moose for consistently showing up to discuss in real time the money moves, wins, losses and lessons within our culture. As an entrepreneur, military spouse & mom I typically keep my head down getting after the impact I’m looking to make, so I’m a little late to the party. I’m grateful that you help me keep the pulse on things I’d otherwise be missing AND offer gems that I can apply in life and business. Much respect! @itsbreecarroll

Sincere Apology

I truly love and admire the content you put out consistently. I’ve been listening casually and always thought I should leave a review but something would come up and I’d forget. As I was listening to Episode 57, your interview with Connie S. Falls, I was compelled to pull over and force a moment to say THANK YOU! I sincerely apologize for leaving a review before, but today I was convicted and had to thank you for this particular blessing and ALL the work you put to educate and entertain. Keep leading the way! Ernie Cason aka Lovey from Married Into Crazy

If you don’t listen to this podcast you’re losing

If you don’t listen to this podcast you’re losing

These are slept on

Nicky and Moose have the perfect combination of peanut butter and jelly with their chemistry and approach when talking all things current events, while finding the branding and business lessons in them all. Listening to them is an investment in making all you do better.

Episode 53

Nicky and Moose! Champions, leaders in their own rights, Not only informative thought provoking but seeks to empower, advocates for those who have autonomy as well as those who seeks to find their own agency. Provides knowledge of current events, insider trends and markets gems to inspiring and igniting by simplifying the creative process behind leveling the Plainfield for those unrecognized to leveraging abilities

You guys keep getting better and better!

This was yet another great episode! You two did a great job with this one and both of you killed it on stage! I liked how ya’ll broke down ET’s situation with Peleton and you two plus Jemal were my MVPs for Day 2 of 120 Live. Keep raising the bar guys and I’m looking forward to seeing you in Chicago! -Aaron, @aarontheartist

Talk about Energy

That energy is bananas, even just listening you can feel it. Let's keep I going until the whole squad is up. 🏁🏁🏁

Like the podcast in real Life!!!

They are DOPE!!!! I went to the 120 Live conference and both were speakers……. CRAZY AMAZING!!!! Nicky and Moose took the time to just answer question and give me game. Y’all are dope and you have a FOREVER SUPPORTER!!!

Nothing but 💎s

I started listening/ watching Nicky & Moose a month ago, in EVERY Episode, EVERY… there is always some nugget dropped that every person/brand can utilize. The Strategies are tangible and easy to execute and implement. And the LIVES are just 🔥🔥 They have become one of top podcast/YOUTUBE lives I never miss!

Complete Package

Nickey and Moose, along with the rest of The Resonance Network, provide the information and energy that’s needed in today’s society. I’ll keep it short but keep putting out great content and information.

Dynamic duo

Nicky and Moose’s podcast provides so much value to its listener. I consistently tune in to the heat they bring every episode… Great work you guys


Every episode is another level and add so much insight that keeps me brand and business focused.

🔥🔥🔥 What More Can I Say??!!

I must say I’m not a true “podcast” type of person, there are only a few select that I listen to because I’m careful with who I’m learning from and what’s being consumed.. This podcast brings you closer to the Moguls and Brands we all know and love with a perspective or business, personality and an architectural view of the marketing behind these Personal Brands and Businesses. The way Nicky & Moose break down each guest and featured topic is unmatched. Definitely a refreshing listen, cant wait to see what’s to come from these two.

SO MUCH RAW TRUTH for brands and marketing Thank you for helping us learn through other brands !

The whole “ learn from others mistake “ is taken into consideration when it comes to this podcast, except here I’ve learned with you guys to learn from other mistake and also wins. So much marketing, branding, and PERSONAL development. I love the breakdowns and up to date news ! Wishing many other brands get to benefit from this as well. Xx

Ketchup? Or Catch Up? 😁😁😁

Welp fam for me it’s both for Ketchup on all main courses is a necessity unless you’re a bomb cook like our BU Bro DLo maybe not 👀 And leaving reviews has been crazy to stay caught up with Anyway point is Nicky & Moose are my timeless faves, I’m a stronger spirit & human because of their consistency on these weekly podcast episodes. Hence are just a few major whys of why I stay rocking with them. So log on & be elevated NYC style. You’ll be grateful you did. 💛💜💛💜Fam

Always Great Advice and Content!!

I hate when I miss the lives on IG, but I love being able to catch the podcasts and apply everything given! Content Revolutionaries! Thank you.

On time Real & Relevant

Relevant content for the real entrepreneurs. A masterclass in branding, scaling and content creation. I appreciate the mindset and insights of both of them.

Bombs Dropping

Yooo, it's napalmjax Mr. Run That Back, been rocking with you guys since FB live, love the podcast, and how you guys always put that branding spin on current situations. But at the same time keep them bombs dropping like air horns. Always Deeper Than The Brand... 🏁🏁🏁🏁