Sept. 19, 2023

Episode 155 - Apple Thinks You’re Stupid: The iPhone is Losing its Creativity

In this episode of Nicky and Moose, they discuss how to identify & be successful in your niche. 


What You Will Learn

  • Importance of marketing and branding. 


  • How to find your niche & make your brand successful.  


  • How to sustain your niche.


Creator Of The Week

Willie Moore Jr. 

A talented radio host personality who has intense & transparent conversations on his podcast platform. He is also a speaker who inspires people to achieve success on all levels. 


How To Identify Your Niche


1) Get started! 


  • Your niche will emerge afterwards. Identify your target audience and begin completing the necessary work. 


2) Five Questions To Consider For Your Niche

  • Digital friendly?
  • Does it have competition?
  • What’s the size of audience?
  • What’s the popularity of search?
  • Does it have long term potential? Do the necessary research to determine the longevity. 


3) Be Specific!

  • Narrow down your demographic you’d like to target. 
  • Develop a solution to fix a problem. 


4) Know Your Competition

  • Complete a competitor research analysis. 
  • Identify & understand the strengths of others to find an edge in your lane. 


Niche Questions

  1. Is it worth your time?
  2. Can you monetize your niche?


Question Of The Week

  1. Is it better to partner with friends on a business, or outsource someone?


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