Oct. 25, 2022

Episode 108 - Business VS Passion: What Comes First

In this episode of Nicky & Moose, they breakdown perspectives on what would make businesses successful, taking care of your platform, and the principles needed to walk successfully in your passion.  

What You Will Learn 


  • How to control your brand or platform. 
  • How to control your influence. 
  • When to operate in business or passion. 
  • How to use your position effectively. 
  • How to overcome learning knowledge late in your journey. 


Segment 1 - This or That. 


  • Nicky shares thoughts on the Draymond Green incident from a business perspective. Learning when to operate in personal instead of what could benefit the business. 


  • Moose shares thoughts on businesses finding creative ways to market while attracting employees. 


Segment 2 - Things you can live without? 


  1. Kanye speaking on anything besides music.
  2. Netflix charging for sharing subscription.
  3. Ads being ran on Uber based on where you’re traveling. 



23:10 - Discussion of being financially successful while walking in your passion. “Remove the mentality of being happy to be there. Recognize  that you belong and can be compensated.”



35:24 - Are you around the right people to ask questions that contribute to your growth?



38:45 - Moose’s Top Three Action Steps to get ready for the business world of your passion. 

  • Marketing and sales. 
  • Legal. 
  • Marketing. 



40:42 - “Without marketing, there’s no sales. Without sales, there’s no business.”


46:26 - Are your beliefs based upon your thoughts of a situation? Or the story telling of the media about it?





  • Find creative ways to bring in talent help at discounted rate. 



  • Operating in transparency sets the tone and foundation for trust to be built. 



  • Have the employees you train do meaningful task. Provide growth opportunities for them. 



  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions and learn. Keep seeking. 



  • Don’t let complacency or lack of exposure stunt your growth. Continue to learn!



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