Nov. 1, 2022

Episode 109 - Why Consistency is Key to Achieving Success

In this episode of Nicky & Moose, they discuss the importance of brand consistency & how that translates into successful interactions with followers. 


What You Will Learn


  • Pros of scheduling your social media post. 
  • Selling consistency. 
  • Successful leadership transitions. 



Segment 1 - What’s Poppin!


Nicky shares her thoughts on Instagram scheduling feature within the app & the importance of scheduling. “Helps with consistency and productivity.“


Moose shares his thoughts on Tik Tok releasing podcast app & collaborating with music companies looking to expand. “Take your brand to Tik Tok for a heavy presence.”



Segment 2 - Things You Can Live Without.


  1. McDonald’s and Krispy Kreme partnering together to sell donuts. 
  2. Coffee flavor M&m’s. 
  3. Jeffery Dahmer costume. 




12:15 - “Make social a tool and not a chore.” Prepare as much as possible to ensure the process doesn’t become overwhelming. 



23:10 - What are your thoughts on McDonald’s selling consistency?“Businesses fail to scale because of the inability to be consistent.”



29:57 - Three focus points for building consistency in brands. 


  1. Contact after Sales. Enhances customer experience. 
  2. Having a presence on social media. 
  3. Gaining trust with followers. 



35:01 - “The best leadership transition is when the next leader is ready to lead. Not when the current leader is ready to leave.”


47:59 - This or That? Discussion of having either subscription or membership models. Which model would you rather operate a business in?






  • Decide then implement how you want the look of your brand to displayed. 



  • Be consistent in the service that you provide for customers. 



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