May 2, 2023

Episode 135 - Content Creator or Business Person? Which Route Are You Taking?

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In this episode of Nicky and Moose, they discuss how to gain clarity in your social media purpose to avoid entering a recession as a content creator. 



What You Will Learn


  • Ai tools that complete your task automatically. 


  • Perspective on Kevin Durant’s lifetime Nike deal. 


  • How to survive a content creating recession. 


  • When to take a break from creating. 




What’s Poppin!


Nicky shares Ai tools that will take your goals and complete them for you.   Those Ai resources are AgentGPT & God Mode. 


Agent GPT -


God Mode -


Moose shares his perspective on KD getting a lifetime deal with Nike. He encourages you to be authentically you! There are no certain personalities that are exclusive to brand deals. He also emphasizes that owners should take care of their talent. 



Creator Of The Week


Roberto Nickson provides consistent value on Ai & content creating. He also breaks down the analytics of short videos across social media platforms and provides helpful information for content creators.


Instagram - rpnickson



Blueprint For Success - How To Survive Content Creating Recession


  • Figure out ways to keep momentum going for monetization. 



  • Shift your focus from making money to creating content with passion. Focus on the execution it takes to make money



Successful Mindset



  • Don’t worry if people will like your content or not. Focus on providing value for people who find value in your content. Remain faithful over few!




Which Model Fits Your Online Purpose 



  • Brand partnerships as an influencer. 


  • Business person driving traffic to your business using social media 



Content Must-Haves 


  • Deliver value 
  • Call to actions 
  • Community feel 



Brand Must Haves


  • Email list. 


  • Text messaging marketing


  • Ability to build relationships with genuine interactions with your community. 




This Or That - Taking A Break From Content Creating?


What are your thoughts on taking breaks?



  • Stay present in day to day activities!


  • Take care of yourself in order to keep caring for your supporters. 


  • Taking time to reset allows intentional though with providing better experiences for your community. 



Taking Breaks Provide


  • Organization 
  • Clarity 
  • Perspective 
  • Direction






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