Aug. 22, 2023

Episode 151 - Creating Black Millionaires: Jordyn Weaver's Mission with Forefront's Cultural Marketplace

In this episode of Nicky and Moose, guest Jordyn Weaver speaks about her mission to continue providing opportunities for black businesses. 


What You Will Learn

  • Life of micro influencer. 
  • How to start a marketplace. 
  • The mindset needed to sustain a marketplace. 
  • Building brand awareness. 
  • Business strategies. 
  • How to effectively use crowdfunding. 



Jordyn’s Gems 


  • “Learn, grow and evolve.” Network with people that can help you excel in your niche. 


  • Timing is important along your journey. Remain patient while being proactive in your actions. 


  • There’s opportunities to receive compensation as a creator! 16 billion dollars was dispersed to the creators economy. 


  • Be intentional with your actions & focus. 


  • Identify an understand key problems while providing a solution that’s worth paying for. 


  • Have brand loyalty instead of brand hoping. Show your audience what you believe in with consistency. 


Be Intentional With

  • Actions
  • Selection Of Your Team 
  • Setting Goals 


Book Recommendations 

  • Arlan Hamilton - It’s About Damn Time
  • Deepak Chopra - The Seven Laws Of Spiritual Success




1) Are you true to the brand you’re representing 


2) Can you break down your idea into action steps?






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Jordyn WeaverProfile Photo

Jordyn Weaver


Jordyn Weaver is a tech founder, social impact leader, and the Founder of Forefront, a first-of-its-kind marketplace for Black-owned brands and creators to connect for affiliate partnerships. Jordyn’s mission is to economically empower Black and other underserved communities through innovation and entrepreneurship.
Founded in 2020, Forefront’s goal is to bridge the gap between Black brands and emerging creators to be able to earn, thrive, and shine online. The platform also aims to bring Black brands to the forefront, helping them become the world's most recognized household names.
Jordyn is a proud HBCU alumnus of North Carolina Central University, where she studied Fashion & Business. In 2021, she received her Masters of Innovation & Entrepreneurship from the University of California, Irvine. She’s participated in leading startup programs such as Techstars, HBCUvc, Zane Access, and Future Founders.
Jordyn currently serves as a program manager with digitalundivided, where she brings 5+ years of experience in entrepreneurship, startups, and venture capital to support other women of color in starting and scaling successful companies.
Outside of her work with digitalundivided and scaling Forefront, Jordyn enjoys supporting Black-owned businesses across the country and sharing them with her social media audience.