Oct. 11, 2022

Episode 106 - Creatives Breaking The Rules

In this episode of Nicky & Moose, they discuss how to maneuver in the journey of becoming a successful creator


What You Will Learn

  • When To Rely On Regimen Or Being Spontaneous. 
  • The Business Side Of Podcasting
  • How Community Based Companies Operate. 
  • Things To Consider When Hiring.


8:15 - Discussion of content creating format. 


17:45 - “You don’t get mastery in an area until you commit to one thing.” Get started with the idea that you have! Over time it will develop as you learn from progress and mistakes. 


19:45 - Breakdown of pay to play campaign. “The goal is to market.”


33:12 - “Give a brand experience people will pay for.“ Keep your customers engaged in creative an attractive ways. Take careful care of your community. 


36:03 - Are you considering all aspects when it comes to creating an maintaining a podcast? 



  • Master your craft at the fundamental stage before adding your style to it. 
  • Find balance in your journey of being a creator. 
  • Address the business side with your team upfront. 
  • Executing on the small task will separate you at the next level.


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