Nov. 29, 2022

Episode 113 - Creator Economy Blueprint

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In this episode of Nicky and Moose, they provide and breakdown the blueprint needed to be a successful creator in todays economy.


What You Will Learn


  • How to take care of the community in your brand. 
  • How to strategically market and promote new products. 
  • How to continue moving forward when people steal your ideas. 



What’s Poppin!


Nicky shares thoughts on Jennifer Lopez going “dark” on social media. “Market things when you have influence to promote something of your interest.”


Moose shares his thoughts on how Cyber Monday originated and surpassed Black Friday. Story of how it came to be from analyzing data. “Pay attention to the numbers an analyze the data.” 


  • Advertising and marketing can use interest and right verbiage to bring more attraction to businesses. 
  • Look for ways to stay competitive during the recession. 




Things You Can Live Without 


  1. Drake buying DJ Khaled four new smart toilets. 
  2. Eating thanksgiving leftovers that are four to five days old. 
  3. Ugly Christmas sweater season. 




24:39 - Continue to put emphasis on your community you serve. Focus on the market around you. 



27:54 - What makes you stand out as a brand? Take great care of your community, create great experiences experience, and produce products that resonate with your brand. 



33:15 - Breakdown of how the creator economy works. 



40:01 - Discussion of how Rob Dyrek used integrated marketing to create interest with brands for collaboration. 




This or That - People copying your ideas.


Nicky & Moose share thoughts Cierra Nicole giving away content for community to sell after people were stealing her content. 


  • How would you combatting people stealing your ideas?


  • Keep the goal of the brand the focus when unfortunate events happen. 






Are you creating strong And safe community for your brand?


How important is building a successful brand to you?





“Work to build a brand that will last longer than you.”



Start to look at opportunities with a business perspective. If that becomes a struggle, seek out someone who can help in that area. 



Look for ways to continuing reinventing yourself when things become stagnant. 



“Un-communicated expectations are recipes for disasters.” Be upfront with people you’re engaging with. 



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