Sept. 13, 2022

Episode 102 - Creators Making Millions

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In this episode of Nicky & Moose, they discuss different ways to make money with social media, content building, and execution of successful business models. 


What You Will Learn

  • Timing Of Content Release
  • Paid vs Organic Content
  • How To Add Uniqueness To Content
  • Forbes highest paid creator list


12:05 - “The person with the biggest vision and drive to make it a reality, can’t make pit stops explaining it along the way. Doing so will slow you down.”


24:12 - “In partnerships, find people who believe in the vision when it’s junk.” Build your team with people who will survive the ups and downs of the journey. Complete transparency is needed to avoid confusion. 


27:00 - Discussion of strategically releasing content. 


29:30 - Discussion of pros for organic & paid content. Organic content can turn into paid content as time progresses. 


34:15 - “Start & scale.” Build an  authentic connection with your audience in the beginning. The focus should be organically building your brand. Afterwards, you can begin to scale with ads to grow your brand. 


37:45 - “Grow a community that’ll share your content on their platforms.”


52:25 - Discussion of making viral videos. “Find what works and then make it better.”



  1. Be able to have content to show when people come across your pages. Stay prepared!
  2. Are you skipping the small steps along your journey?


Listener Perks

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