Aug. 9, 2022

Episode 97 - Ego is the Enemy of Collaboration

Episode 97 - Ego is the Enemy of Collaboration
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In this episode of Nicky And Moose, they discuss how egos can ruin the success of collaborations, and how two generations can coexist with each other for collaborative success.


What you will learn

• What are the depths of a brand.

• Kevin Hart perspective on egos.

• Jay Z’s perspective on change and growth.

• How people lose success after gaining it.

• How to not let egos destroy great opportunities as a group. 

• Serving the pressure of building brand online 


5:21 - “Information without understanding it is detrimental.” It’s important to know the source of the information and how to make use of it. 


19:15 - Learn the language of your craft to adjust with changes that occur over time. Upgrade your brand & the method of delivery if applicable. Don’t become stubborn to change because of the previous success had. 


23:01 - “Have a fan view of your industry to learn an appreciate the perspectives that enter the industry.” Don’t become too comfortable when it comes to learning new things that can enhance your success. 


25:27 - “Try something new without feeling threatened.” The bridging of two generations needs to occur for collective success. 


33:01 - “I don’t have to question myself when collaborating with other people.” Peoples questionable actions aren’t necessarily egos, but more so masked as lack of confidence in themselves. 


58:01 - “Stay in your zone of genius.” 


1:04:13 - “Trust your timing.”



  1. Are you honest with your goals with the team you’re on?
  2. Do you have an ego that stops you from collaborating with others?
  3. How would you address someone on your team who has an ego?


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