Jan. 31, 2023

Episode 122 - From Instagram To Mainstream

In this episode of Nicky & Moose, they discuss the journey and necessities of a successful content creator brand.  



What You Will Learn 


  • How Tik Tok promotes viral videos. 


  • M&M’s brand imaging change effects. 


  • How Instagram comedian pivoted to 7-figure tour.


  • How to engage more with your followers with systems and strategy. 




What’s Poppin!



Nicky - Forbes article that was released shows views on the For You Page aren’t organic as advertised. Employees being able to push and promote certain videos can place creators using the app in the dark not knowing what to expect moving forward. 



Moose - M&M’s marketing takes a new direction by replacing candy mascots with spokesperson Maya Rudolph. The goal is to bring more inclusion & diversity for brand imaging. Maya will be trusted to  champion the values of the company. Making changes around the Super Bowl is great for announcing major changes to a brand to a massive audience.



Creator Of The Week


Wall Street Trapper, Leon Howard, earns creator of the week with the release of his series ‘Building Of The Brand’. 


He provides a personal experience and journey in showing the steps he took on building his brand. Including


  • Front loading content.
  • Merchandise 
  • Studio
  • Taxes



Blueprint For Success 


Druski is highlighted this week to share his journey of small beginnings to making major headlines across social media platforms. Listed below are key points that will make your brand improve for success. 


  • Taking leap of faith to break out on your own. 


  • Silence the doubt and get out of your comfort zone.


  • Continue to work hard and consistently in times where you don’t have full control. 


  • Expanding reach to give people a live presence. Instagram or Facebook Live. 


  • Bridge the gap you have. Develop systems that makes you well rounded in your niche. 



This or That - Tik Tok CEO talks on privacy settings and limitations from ages 8-13 on the app. 



  • Do you believe in the owners restriction limitations? 



  • Do you believe in your product that’s being produced?



  • “Modern day warfare comes from using technology. Certain content reaches different parts of the world.”






1) Are you creating content or series that people look forward to each week?


2) What’s your content planning strategy?


3) Are you taking ownership of what your consuming?






  • Cater to your audience and success will come abundantly.



  • Take leaps of faith into endeavors that will bring more success to your brand!


  • Have a series topic when it comes to content strategy. 


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