April 18, 2023

Episode 133 - From Navy Sailor To Content Strategist For The Stars: The Nicky Saunders Story

Episode 133 - From Navy Sailor To Content Strategist For The Stars: The Nicky Saunders Story
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In this episode of Nicky and Moose, Moose interviews Nicky on her upbringings from the Navy to a global content creator. 



Humble Beginnings 


  • Mom was a great influence for sneakers & fashion. 


  • Early thought process of what will make her the most money. Root for eventually finding her passion. 



Lessons Learned From The Navy


  • Complete things when you say you’ll complete them. 
  • Discipline and commitment. 



Nicky’s Must Haves In Visual Creating


  • Root of video creating was influenced from music videos. 


  • Story telling. Making sure story matches the visuals. 



What Nicky Learned From Serving


  • Take advantage of opportunities no matter how far it was out. 


  • Never let personal problems dictate your work. 


  • Enjoy what you do!


  • Network with individuals at events. 



Building of Deeper Than The Brand


  • Environment dictates the level of execution you have. 


  • Recognize how you can serve people efficiently. 


  • Take lessons from you’re upbringing to serve an audience the correct way. 




Three Things For Creative Entrepreneurs 


  1. Commitment, dedication and a great team. 
  2. What’s your purpose of your brand, business, & creativity?
  3. Scale your business and fight self doubt everyday. 




Things To Avoid 


  • Brand Confusion. Have direction for your post & creativity. 


  • Self Doubt. Believe you belong! Stop comparing yourself to others. 



Must Haves For Scaling A Business


  • Clear on objectives 
  • Clear on creativity
  • Clear on solutions 



Artificial Intelligence 


  • Use of Ai gives buys your time back.
  • Can make your business more valuable when used effectively



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