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Terri Couser

CEO ("The Credit Expert")

Terri Couser is a Board-Certified Credit Consultant, Certified Credit Score Consultant & Certified Life Coach. A mother of three, entrepreneur, coach, and professional who holds two degrees from Villanova University.

She previously worked for Trans Union where she literally updated thousands of credit profiles from individuals across the nation. Her credit bureau experience led her to explore real estate. She attended Polley Associates Real Estate School and worked as a consultant to assist her clients with buying, and selling homes in addition to tenant screenings, lease negotiations, property management, and zoning. She was appointed the Vice Chair of Zoning for two years in her township.

Giving back and coaching are part of what motivates her. Terri has participated in many events focusing on our youth including partnering with Philadelphia Education Fund, Year Up, and Universal Transformational Leadership Institute for panel discussions, guest speaking, and career days.
Terri is now using all her knowledge, skills, and experience to educate the masses about their leveraging their personal and business credit to build wealth, investing, strategic goal planning, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship with the launch of her consulting firm, C.A.R.E. (Consulting, Awareness, Readiness, and Education) in 2017.

In a few short years, she’s grown her company to a national brand, and has partnered with international influencers such a being a speaker for "Rebuild" with Eric Thomas and Make Real Estate Real with Jemal King the “9to5Millionaire”. Terri started her YouTube channel during covid19 as a FREE resource to the community in 2020. In 2021, she also launched her online course, Credit Leverage Lifestyle, and Elite 10 Group Coaching.

10 Speaking Engagements:

1. Eric Thomas – Rebuild Series and Philadelphia Verified (@etthehiphoppreacher)
2. Jemal King – Make Real Estate Real (@9to5millionaire)
3. Philip Michael & Temple University – Wealthcon (@yfwtb @nyceapp @templeuniv)
4. David Shands – Becoming Financially LIT, The Morning Meetup (@sleepis4suckers)
5. Charmaine Bey & Mikk Mill – Circle of Excellence Women’s Summit (@charmainebey & @mikkmill)
6. Better Than Success Real Estate League – WIRE, Women in Real Estate, Philly Real Estate Week (@nicolepurvy & @betterthansuccess)
7. Year Up & YUPRO – Alumni Summit & Personal Finance Workshop (@yearup & @yupro_talent) *Nonprofit
8. Path to Greatness & Lavon Howard – BET, Bringing Everyone Together Day of Success (@lavon1021 & @ptg11113) *Nonprofit
9. Home Buying Seminars: Compass, Next Level Living Group (@compass), Keller Williams, KW Philly (@kellerwilliamsrealty), Domain Real Estate Group (@domainregroup), Mosaic Brokerage Group (@mosaic_brokerage)
10. Experience Shon & Rashon Howard – Empower Conference & Connected Cooking Wealth Series (@mr_rmhoward & @experienceshon) *Nonprofit

Dec. 20, 2022

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