May 9, 2023

Episode 136 - He Turned Content to Keynote Speaking | The George White Story

Episode 136 - He Turned Content to Keynote Speaking | The George White Story
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In this episode of Nicky and Moose, special guest George White joins to discuss how his upbringings have created and generated success in various ways. 



What You Will Learn


  • How to create content consistently.  


  • When to repurpose content.


  • How to monetize your voice. 



George’s Takeaways


  • Turn your pain into power. 
  • Use upbringings as a source of motivation and direction. 
  • Find your avenue & lane in 
  • Stay true to yourself  
  • Have a longevity mindset with your actions. Think ahead!
  • “Trial and error is your content!” Use your experiences as teaching pints for others.
  • You create longevity by being intentional. 
  • Find out what works, and keep pushing forward! Take advantage of your breakthroughs. 
  • Money hungry sacrifices the vision. 
  • “You can’t spend time watching someone live the life you want.”




Will-Set Mindset



  • Passionate
  • Perfecting your craft
  • Not being content 
  • Investing
  • Chasing the gift
  • Pursuing everything that God has for you. 




Content Scheduling 



  • Build platform with consistent posting. 



  • Create content months out at a time. Twelve to Thirty-six months in advance. 



  • Pay attention to the analytics and trends before they happen. 




Ways To Monetize Your Voice



  • Speaking Engagements 
  • YouTube
  • TikTok 
  • Voice Overs
  • Apple/Spotify Stream Royalties




Beat Selection Process For Videos



  • YouTube or Beatstars


  • Instrumentals with no copyright allows you to monetize videos on YouTube. 



Three Book Recommendations 


  • Change Your Brain, Change Your Life by Daniel Amen. 
  • Business For Dummies. 
  • Criminal Justice Books. 



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