June 20, 2023

Episode 142 - How To Bring In New Customers And Retain Them Like Crumble Cookies

In this episode of Nicky and Moose, they discuss how to maximize the most out of your brand through customer retention & monetization. 



What You’ll Learn



  • How starting a YouTube channel right now is beneficial



  • How to make money from company products



  • Crumbl Cookie’s marketing and content strategies



  • How to reinvent your brand




What’s Poppin! - Great Time To Be A Content Creator?



  • Lowered requirements to start monetizing from YouTube. 



  • Opportunities for small creators to start, grow or expand their business and brand. 



  • Having good business partners makes your exit easier when it’s time to sell. 





Creator Of The Week



Hope & Kadero

Instagram - Everydaywithhk



Hope & Kadero post authentic & genuine content that show balance between trends and the realities of life. Their ultimate goal is to inspire healthy relationships with love and laughter. 





Blueprint For Success - How To Monetize Your Influence & Brand



Crumbl Cookie’s Marketing & Social Media Strategies 


  • Develop a great Social Media Strategy. 


  • Leverage what each platform is geared towards. Each platform has different post strategies that are successful. 


  • Pay attention to current trends to tailor your post towards relevancy. 


  • Each platform needs a different content strategy plan. 


  • Weekly drops with menu changes. This strategy builds interest and retains customers. 


  • Remain consistent in the quality of content you produce. 


  • Launch content at same time every week. 


  • Leverage the reviews you get from users with sharing their story,  post or comments. 


  • Stand on what you believe in!



Does your content encourage people to share it?



Monetizing Your Influence



  • Use key words in your post from SEO to gain more visibility. 



  • Affiliate marketing with companies. 



  • Don’t overlook things that require organizational structure. 



  • Rewardful allows you to set up an affiliate program for your business. 






This Or That - Finding Your Lane





  • “Don’t turn what you love into labor.”


  • Stay true to what people know you for. 





  • Reinvent yourself when needed. 


  • Adjust your brand strategy dependent upon what’s current. 


  • Find current articles on your niche to increase content. 




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