Feb. 21, 2023

Episode 125 - How To Leverage Your Skills Like The Rich

In this episode of Nicky and Moose, they discuss how to take advantage opportunities that will leverage your business and brand. 



What You Will Learn


  • New IG features
  • Effects of new CEO of YouTube
  • Super Bowl Business Opportunities 
  • How To Successfully Leverage Your Opportunities




What’s Poppin


Nicky shares he thoughts on the new IG feature called channels. It’s a broadcast chat that provides an advantageous way of building a community for your niche. Also has opportunities for strategic releasing of content, merchandise and or exclusive deals.


Moose shares the positive effects of hiring a new CEO for YouTube. He believe he advocates for new creators with the support of YouTube shorts and plus.



Creator Of The Week


Codi and Tommy Oliver. Founders of Black Love. 


Instagram - Black Love


Black Love provides insight on the work to marriage successful. They’ve been able to take a statistic and bring more awareness and transparency that speaks against the narrative of marriage.



Blueprint For Success - Leveraging Opportunities 


Exposure Results


  • Rihanna’s numbers increased becoming the #1 streamed artist globally with 118 million views. 
  • Gained 3 million followers. 
  • Fenty products receiving more sales. 
  • Re-engage with people who have been apart of your journey. 




How Can You Secure What You’re Worth With Leverage?


  • Creating opportunities for different avenues in your business. 
  • Non paid opportunities can benefit your brand in gaining new customers. 


Benefits of Creating a Docu-Series 


  • Monetary opportunity with subscription based viewing. 
  • Gain more followers for your brand. 



This Or That - Nicky And Moose Share Pros & Cons of Business Control


Nicky - Is having too much control bad for your business? Micromanaging can have effects on trust and moral of your employees. 


Moose - Control in the beginning is necessary because of the risk being high. Good foundations need establishing up front. With control comes great responsibility over task needing completion. 




Thoughtful Takeaways


  • Education of business & leverage opportunities allows you to make effective decisions that can benefit your business and brand. 


  • There are ways to continue growing despite currently having a large following. 


  • Don’t leverage what you’re not ready to maintain. 


  • Apply principles in the correct context. 


  • You can’t learn from your mistake if you’re denying it. Own up to what needs correction.


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