April 26, 2022

Episode 82 - Ingredients of Growing Brands

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Join your hosts as they talk about what’s poppin’ with Elliott Wilson and what he has to say about teams, Gary Vee and Nicky Jam on niching down, and The Master Investor Ian Dunlap on diversifying your passion. 

They’ll also be breaking down privacy on social media with Wallo, answering that burning question: “Where do I draw the line on social media?”

So, send this to a friend and be sure to have a pen and paper or device close by so you don’t miss these fire lessons that will propel your brand or business forward. Check it out! 


What You Will Learn:

  • When to delegate
  • Ways to delegate effectively
  • What to consider when delegating
  • How to create trust in a team
  • Importance of creating momentum through small wins
  • Interest, intuition, and instinct in business
  • Ways to diversify your passion to stand the test of time
  • Do we share everything on social media?