Aug. 30, 2022

Episode 100 - I’ve Been Broke Now I’m Working With Beyonce With Tobe Nwigwe

I’m this episode of Nicky & Moose, guest star Tobe Nwigwe shares his story of reaching success with true authenticity, confidence, and a mission to make his purpose popular. 


What You Will Learn

  • What making your purpose popular looks like.
  • Using lessons from previous experiences to apply to new ones. 
  • How to fine tuning your craft. 
  • What staying true to yourself looks like an opportunities that can come from it. 


10:13 - “Start with what you have and hang with people who don’t make excuses.” Who you hang around is vital to your mindset & success. 


12:10 - Authenticity vs Audacity. Discussion of Tobe’s creative process. 


21:30 - “Knowing what your brand & vision is will take you far.” Stay true to who you are while wholeheartedly believing in your stance! Work to not allow anyones opinion sway you away from it. 


29:45 - Discussion of building a team with executors to avoid spreading yourself to thin in other endeavors. 



  1. Are you honestly putting forth effort to position yourself to be successful?
  2. Are you staying true to who you are despite not having the results you desire yet? Survive the hardship test for your time of success is coming!


Listener Perks

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