Aug. 29, 2023

Episode 152 - Mastering Event Sell-Outs: Jabari's Journey from Interviews to Event Tycoon

In this episode of Nicky and Moose, guest Jabari Johnson shares gems on how to be successful hosting live and virtual events. 


What You Will Learn

  • How to set yourself apart in your industry.


  • How to market effectively with what you currently have. 


  • Marketing & distribution strategies. 


  • Knowing when to adjust along the journey. 


  • Where to place your focus in business. 


  • How to gain social proof. 


Jabari’s Takeaways


  • Having a solid journalism background builds confidence for interviewing skills. 


  • Seek collaboration opportunities with big platforms to build your experience & exposure. 


  • Remain consistent despite not earning money in the early stages of your journey.  


  • Find your niche in an industry and make your perspective unique. Create an element of surprise for your audience.


  • Don’t be afraid to share your dreams and visions with people! You never know who can help you reach your goal.


  • Stand confidently in the value & services you provide. Dare to be different.





1) Are you intentionally building your audience with strategy and distribution?


2) How do you want your events to look? 


3) What experience do you want to provide for your customers? What’s the story behind the experience you want to convey. 


4) Does your landing page have incentives for customers to communicate with you? 

  • Discount rate on product.
  • Access to exclusive membership group.
  • Ability to purchase something first.



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