July 18, 2023

Episode 146 - Mastering Social Media Growth as a One-Person Show: Here’s How

In this episode of Nicky and Moose, they discuss how to strategically prepare for setting your brand up for sustainable success. 


What You Will Learn


  • The system to creating content


  • Prime day marketing tactics


  • How to grow on social media 


  • How to become a one person business



What’s Poppin!


Nicky discusses Chat Gpt’s competitor Claude.ai. Claude offers code interpreting for free along with the ability to have larger data inputs. Their information is also more updated from the year 2023.


Moose highlights the marketing tactics from Amazon’s Prime day. They accumulated 12.7 billion in sales from two days. 


Amazon’s Marketing Strategy


  • Host an annual event that includes with pre sale & inside looks of deals. 


  • Build anticipation from your audience.


  • Partner with influencers to bring more awareness to their products. 



Creator Of The Week




Riki P is an insider who provides the latest information on hip hop. His content included exclusive videos, pictures an interviews from your favorite artist.

Instagram : ItsRikiP


Blueprint - Social Media & One Person Business. 


Dankoe Philosophy 


  • Think of social media as a public note taking system to showcase your thoughts & opinions on your skills an interest. Lessons learned through life. 


  • Social media is the new society. Personal brands are people of the society. 


  • Distribute lessons from your lens.  


  • New ways of learning is from  internet content and courses.  


1) What are your thoughts on Dankoe’s perspective? 


2) Do you believe your reactions & perspectives have value?



System Of Creating Content

  • Research
  • Perspective
  • Thoughts
  • Experiences



How To Monetize Your Personal Brand 


1) Learn & sell a skill. 


2) Become a value creator. Gain interest , gather a perspective, then create content for distribution. 


3) One Person Business. 


  • Goals. What are you leading people towards?


  • Problems. Create content on potential roadblocks. 


  • Systems. Create a product on how they can solve problems faster. 


  • Benefits. Market why they should care about your message. 



Brand Takeaways


  • Prioritize learning. Avoid being predictable & becoming stale in your presentation. 


  • “People want to engage with brands that are going somewhere.”


  • Always strive to reach new heights. 


  • “You don’t have to worry about consistency when your doing something you’re passionate about.”



This or That - Social Media Growth Perspectives 


1) Do you have a limit on how much you want to grow on social media? 


2) How do you want your brand to be positioned?



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