Sept. 20, 2022

Episode 103 - Ownership Vs Partnership: Brands Biggest Decisions

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In this episode of Nicky & Moose, they discuss how to manage the highs and lows in personal and business brands. Listen closely to the perspectives shared that can elevate your business or brand to new heights.


What You Will Learn

  • Distinction Between Business & Personal Brands 
  • Lifespan Of A Creator
  • Understanding Leverage. 
  • Kanye’s Impact On Joining & Leaving GAP. 


5:05 - What’s your stance on chasing two rabbits vs one? Are you more productive having one focus only or can you manage focusing on more than one avenue?


13:24 - “Your influence can control or narrate what happens to a business.”


15:13 - “Your focus depends on how you look at the situation.”


21:50 - Discussion of partnerships with big brands and when’s the appropriate time to leave, and understanding your leverage as a brand or business. 


24:30 - “Learn how companies operate on a global scale when you work with them. Don’t take the experience for granite.”


34:35 - Are you willing to take more risk in exchange for more freedom creatively & financially?


43:45 - Discussion of being smart with your content release. 


50:15 Discussion of how stay relevant as a brand or business. 


Thoughtful Takeaways


  • Diversifying business portfolio with other avenues. 


  • What’s your focus level on avenues. 


  • Gain knowledge from different industries on how it operates to add to your current avenue. 


  • Influencers & businesses can create marketing material for each other when planned properly. 


  • Master the tedious task that seems boring.



Listener Perks

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