April 25, 2023

Episode 134 - People Over Product: Create A Community-Driven Brand

In this episode of Nicky & Moose, they discuss how to develop your brand from every aspect to ensure great success. 



What You Will Learn


  • How to repurpose content using Ai
  • How to stick to your vision despite outside opinions
  • How to stand out as a new brand
  • When to start a brand and build a community 



What’s Poppin!


Nicky shares two Ai tools for the best way to repurpose your audio and video clips with Castmagic & Opus Clip.


Castmagic: Automate all the tedious work that comes in editing and post production and say hello to your new best content editor.



Opus Clip: Opus Clip is a generative AI video tool that repurposes long videos into shorts in one click.



Moose discusses Space X recent launch of the starship rocket. He dives into how personal brand meets mainstream media. “A failure in someone’s eyes can still be a success for you.” Keep the right perspective in what your attempting to accomplish. 




Creator Of The Week


George White

Motivational speaker that brings high energy to his videos with music that sets the tone! Check out his videos on Instagram!



Blueprint For Success - Bobby Hundreds Brand Creatives


“Intentionally try to stand out.”


Bobby’s Brand Must Haves 


  • Stories 
  • Content
  • Community
  • Culture
  • Relationships 




How To Stand Out?



  • Story behind product. Establishes a connection with consumers. Increases chance of support. 



  • Successful collaborations. Strategic partnerships with other companies will help your brands image. 



  • Fully embrace who you are. Your message has power to set people free when operating in great courage!



  • Provide great experiences & events for your community. 



  • Look to fill gaps in your industry. If it doesn’t exist, that’s your opportunity to create that need. 





This Or That - “If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them.”


Do you agree with this statement?



Moose - “Self evaluate before making the move.” Take ownership of where you currently are in business or personal matters. 



Nicky - Teaming up provides more resources an opportunities for successful collaborations. 


  • Trade practices with successful business owners to enhance your own. 




Ai Tools Your Brand Needs!


1) https://www.castmagic.io/?via=nicky



2) https://www.opus.pro/?utm_source=thisisnickys&code=IAMNICKY




Brand Partnerships


We are now accepting brand partnerships! If you’d like to have your brand featured on an episode, please email Nicky at Nicky@DeeperThanTheBrand.com



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