Sept. 12, 2023

Episode 154 - Personal Branding Mistakes: What Not To Do in 2023

In this episode of Nicky & Moose, they discuss the mistakes to avoid when building and sustaining a brand.


What You Will Learn


  • Netflix documentary hidden gems.


  • Top five mistakes to avoid in building a successful brand.


  • What having a balanced team looks like.



Creator Of The Week


Fat Joe

He has remained consistent and persistent in actions that market his product. His strategic plan of gaining visibility for the release of his Terror Squad Air Force Ones was a great success. Remain confident & patient in your marketing process.


Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid


1) Not writing down the vision & direction for your brand. 


2) Not Narrowing Down Your Niche To Stand Out. 

  • Build trust within your community and followers.
  • Avoid brand confusion by specifying your area of expertise.


3) Build Brands, Not Visuals. 

  • Creating a logo, website, and social pages are a great start for brand growth. The next step is define the audience and differences, analyze your competitors & craft your message to grow your brand.
  • Create a sellable solution! Explain the value that you bring with researched statistics that support your solution. 


4) Giving Up On Strategies Too Quickly!

  • Stay patient!
  • Finding what works for your brand growth can will result in trial and error.
  • Stay dedicated & committed to the process. 


5) Branding = Long Term Building

  • A brand is what you’re known for. 
  • Marketing captures the attention of people.
  • Capturing attention turns into customers. 
  • “Your brand is what people think of you when they see your logo or hear a phrase.”


Question Of The Day 


  • Which is more important for brand & business success, a strong team or brilliant ideas? 




1) Is your creativity drained out? Are you drained in your creative process? 


2) Can you find the strength to keep moving forward despite experiencing failures?


3) Are you asking the right questions to see if an idea is feasible?


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