Aug. 8, 2023

Episode 149 - Personal Branding Secrets: From Local Star to Global Phenomenon

In this episode of Nicky and Moose, they discuss how to elevate your personal brand to new heights. 


What You Will Learn


  • The power of influence. 


  • When & how to take your brand global. 


  • How to take your personal brand serious. 


  • When to create your own platform.



What’s Poppin!


Nicky discusses the riot from Kai Cenat’s live giveaway event. Thousands of people showed up after announcing the location of the event on his Twitch account.


Mindful Takeaways


  • Influence has power. 


  • “Deeper connections are made with influencers who show up on a consistent basis.”


  • Don’t devalue your influence to your community an audience. 


  • Don’t fear that no one will show up. Prepare for the just in case. 



Moose discusses the launch of Forefront by CEO Jordyn Weaver. This social shopping app was designed to help Black brands and products become household names and supported all across the globe. 


  • Combines technology and social media. 


  • No algorithm. 


  • Follow & interact with favorite brands. 


  • Can make commission as an ambassador. 



Creator Of The Week




E Cruse is a food content creator that provides humorous commentary!


Blueprint - Owning & Building Your Own Platform 


  • “Don’t give people power to cut your voice off.”


  • Leverage other platform opportunities with the business side along with gaining more followers. 


  • Understand The Business Model of What You’re Creating. 


  • Make opportunities for people to interact with your brand from a monetary side. 


  • Build around exposure & awareness 


  • Don’t lose people interested in your brand because you don’t have a next step. Provide solutions for people who want to support your brand. 


Business Models 

  • Patreon
  • Merchandise 
  • Courses
  • Digital products (ebooks)
  • Community 
  • Podcast
  • Newsletter 


Taking Your Brand Global 


  • Use social media platforms to reach other countries. 


  • Wiser decisions come from making educated decisions. Study your metrics. 


  • Understand how the global market operates. 


  • Collaborate with influencers that can spread your brand in different countries.


  • Don’t introduce your brand prematurely. Prepare as much as possible before introducing your brand globally. 



This Or That - Is being liked stopping you from starting your personal brand? 


  • Be authentic on your platform!


1) Would you rather be liked or be effective?


2) Do you care about peoples opinions too much? Are they compromising your beliefs and who you are?


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