Aug. 1, 2023

Episode 148 - Rebrand Like Twitter? Mistakes to Avoid & Success Strategies!

In this episode of Nicky & Moose, they discuss the tools needed to have success in rebranding your business. 


What You Will Learn


  • How to make money with content using X. 


  • How Twitter has rebranded themselves. 


  • The importance marketing and how it plays a role in product success. 


  • How to prepare your business for unexpected growth. 



What’s Poppin!


Nicky highlights a new stream of content creation income with X, formerly known as Twitter. 


Requirements To Make Money With Content. 




  • Subscribe to Twitter blue or verified organization. 


  • Have 15 million impressions in a three month time span



Moose speaks on Warner Brothers marketing strategy for the movie Barbie. The company spent more money in marketing than producing the movie. 


  • Drive traffic to your company or product with various forms of marketing. Everyone receives differently. 



Creator Of The Week


Damien’s Corner 


Damien displays fatherhood in a positive way by showing the world positive videos he creates with his daughter. He shows examples of being present in his child’s life with nurturing words & affirmations while she rides a bike. 


Tik Tok - Damiens Corner


Blueprint - Rebranding For Businesses & Brands


  • Rebranding changes the culture. 


  • Allot time for changes to take place with significant changes being made to your brand. Remain consistent and persistent in conveying your brands new perspective. 


  • Avoid creating brand confusion with the lack of clarity, vision and focus. 



Things To Consider


1) Are you engaging your audience with your rebranding ideas? 


2) Does your audience trust your leadership? 


3) Are you making changes with your audience in mind? 





1) Integrating everything on one platform a good thing? 


2) What are thoughts on Twitters rebranding?



This Or That - Is Going Viral A Good Thing?


“Don’t start a business that you’re not ready to have blown up.”


Work to have all aspects of your business set up when posting. 

  • Payment systems
  • Website
  • Email systems
  • Inventory




1) Would your business be able to handle a sudden increase of demands?


2)Are you excited about serving the few supporters that you currently have?


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