Aug. 2, 2022

Episode 96 - Rules for Doing Business with Friends

Episode 96 - Rules for Doing Business with Friends
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In this episode of Nicky And Moose, they discuss maneuvering through inevitable changes, building trust once it’s broken, and being aware of your position along the journey.


What you will learn

  • What perspective is needed when dealing with change that’s inevitable. 
  • How to deal with feelings an emotions no matter what success level you’re on. 
  • Owning your wrongs no matter what status you’re at. 
  • How to organically grow you’re brand trust back. 



7:10 - “Never break your brand trust.” 


11:13 - “Success in one phase of your business or life does not guarantee success in the next phase.” 


34:20 - Discussion about new Instagram updates. 


38:50 - “Instagram is a leverage tool to become a global brand.”


46:20 - “Don’t be afraid to test new things out.” Attempting new ideas can lead to breakthroughs in your creations. You also receive honest feedback from people who engage with your brand. 


50:01 - Staying at the top is about owning branches (different business ventures) that you’re apart of. There’s a transition from hustling in the beginning to more strategic actions as time passes along.


1:04:17 - “Having weaknesses doesn’t make you a failure. Not acknowledging them or finding ways to work around them will cause you to fail.”



  1. Are you leaning too much on the platform to do everything for you?


  1. Have you ever broken brand trust before? Have you successfully built it back up?




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