Dec. 27, 2022

Episode 117 - The 2022 Lessons Learned In Branding And Business

In this episode of Nicky & Moose, they recap the best lessons from 2022 and provide what to expect in 2023.



What You Will Learn



  • Social media trends for 2023. 
  • What’s being applied in 2023
  • What to apply when building a brand at the beginning of the year. 
  • How to effectively build connections and bring different perspectives to your community. 




What’s Poppin!



Nicky shares her thoughts on social media trends targeting Gen Z users. This upcoming year has an emphasis on creating in person connections with your favorite influencers. 



Moose shares his thoughts on the progression of online services offered. It’s important to learn about or seek out opportunities that can accelerate work flow & transform your business world. 




Things You Can Live Without


  1. Kim Kardashian saying “we need to work harder.”
  2. Usher “Watch This” meme. 
  3. The Will Smith infamous slap memes. 




2022 Blueprint Lesson Recap


38:50 - The importance of understanding creators economy.


  • Hire individuals with the intent of them becoming a leader. 



  • Make sure that everyone on the team is successful in every aspect. 



  • Have a game plan that connects the branding and business aspects with your creative side. Implement a strategy to have a healthy balance. 



  • Collaborations take time to develop!  Stay consistent in your approach taking one day at a time. 



  • Marketers have important role to promote the vision and build trust amongst other companies an audiences. 






1) What are you doing to improve your mental strength going into 2023?


2) Whats your biggest takeaway from 2022?


3) What are you looking forward to implementing in your brand for 2023?


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