Dec. 6, 2022

Episode 114 - The Business Plan Every Entrepreneur Needs

In this episode of Nicky And Moose, they discuss how to narrow your brand focus while providing business strategies to give your brand longevity. 


What You Will Learn 

  • Difference between audio and visual experiences on YouTube. 
  • How to avoid struggling to get clients and sell products. 
  • How to become a content media machine. 
  • Deciding what direction your brand should go in. 

What’s Poppin!

Nicky shares her thoughts on creating content specifically for each platform. Understand the purpose of each platform, study what makes content there a success, then implement your style and creativity. 

What platform do you prefer to dominate on? Which platform would you use for repurposing content?

Moose shares his thoughts on the longevity & of Mariah Carey’s popular Christmas song. Continue to expose your brand for opportunities that create ongoing revenue. “Go to where the attention is and be aggressive.”

Things You Can Live Without 

  1. Influencers & celebrities photoshopping themselves in photos then calling it art.
  2. Unlimited McDonald’s for life with the purchase of the McDonald’s McGold card. 
  3. Balenciaga puts out bad campaign then blames people for backlash of it. 

22:15 - “The objective should be to obtain reoccurring sales with your business. You serve the customer differently when having a long term mindset.” If you currently have one way transaction products, begin to brainstorm how to turn those into reoccurring transactions.

35:38 - Having great content is vital to go viral in your niche. Influencers are great examples of people creating content and businesses that can from that. 

 What Your Brand Needs

  • Designers
  • Engineers
  • Marketing Product Developers


1) Are you studying what works on different platforms?

2) What’s platform gets most of your concentration for growth?

3) Does your brand have products that will bring in consistent revenue.

4) Does your business have any leverage from social media?

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