Jan. 17, 2023

Episode 120 - The Secret to Viral Success: The 8 Million Followers Blueprint

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In this episode of Nicky & Moose, discuss the mindset needed to organically grow your social media presence. 

What’s Poppin!

Nicky - Discusses the future of content creation brands and how Chat GBT helps build foundations & production of social media post.

Moose - Shares how to turn tragic events into business opportunities, the importance of having a good team around you, & not overlooking the legal logistics of your ideas to secure your financial future. 


Things You Can Live Without

1) Saying “Happy New Year” after the first week of January. 

2) All the gyms being packed in the beginning of the year. 

3) Lucky charms introducing a s’mores flavor. 


25:34 - Story of Keith Lee social media come up. 

29:02 - “Authenticity and originality will prevail.” Be you! People can tell when a facade is being put up. 


This Or That 

  1. Which do you believe brings more success to your craft. Hard work or talent?


1) Do you have a purpose that’s bigger than money?

2) Are you relatable and organic in your videos?



  • Build trust with your audience to capture opportunities when presented. 
  • Remain humble throughout your process! Even if results haven’t yielded yet.


Listener Perks

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