Aug. 23, 2022

Episode 99 - The Truth About Taxes As A Content Creator With Carter Cofield

In this episode of Nicky & Moose guest CPA star Carter Cofield provides insight on how to obtain more money through tax write offs in your business and providing services in attractive ways to consumers. 


What You Will Learn 

  • What can be used as tax write off. 
  • How Saving money
  • Branding yourself more effectively. 
  • Pushing the narrative that’s attractive for consumers. 
  • Developing a successful launch strategy. 


4:25 - “Make a decision.” Life will put you in situations to mature you along the journey to success. Make an intentional choice to move forward each day. 


7:15 - Discussion of how Carter branded & leveraged his work to clients. “Teaching in ways that’s fun and relatable.”


15:15 - “Live out the content you post by practicing what you preach.”


18:39 - “Start a business, obtain LLC an ein number and a business bank account.” If you are exchanging services for money, those three components are necessary to have. 


30:25 - Discussion of email marketing. 


38:41 - “You can write off any expenses that are ordinary and necessary for your business.”



  • Build a business around the lifestyle you want. Work with people you want to work with. 
  • Build proper awareness for your business. 
  • Obtain a book keeping software. Make sure that all of your documents are up to date. 


Book recommendations 

  • 4 hour work week. Tim Harris. 
  • Who not how. 
  • How to win friends an influence people. 



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