March 7, 2023

Episode 127 - The Ultimate Guide to Increasing Prices - When, How & Why

In this episode of Nicky and Moose, they discuss when & how to successfully increase the price for your services. They also provide what your brand needs to reach the fullest earning potential. 

What You Will Learn

  • Benefits of using Ai technology technology for social media coaching.  
  • FTC warning regulations in regards to Ai. 
  • How & when to raise your prices. 
  • How to monetize your passions. 


What’s Poppin! - Having Ai For A YouTube Coach?

Nicky breaks down how software companies are evolving with the integration of Chat GPT in their business. Having Ai help can make your social media content creation process easier. From video words, descriptions, scripts and captions for your content. vidIQ is a company that provides those services.

Moose brings awareness to the new FTC (Federal Trade Commission) guidelines issued towards marketers using Ai technology. 


Creator of the Week - 19Keys

19Keys has appearances in fashion shows, Tv premiers, and collaborations with EYL. He has also launched High Level Conversations on YouTube which has generated 22million views, 12 million watch hours and 1/2 billion impressions. 

He covers topics about knowledge of self, business an encouraging men to operate in masculinity.

Instagram - 19Keys

YouTube - 19Keys


Blueprint For Success - When & How To Raise Your Prices. 

Value Increasing Necessities

  • Consumers will pay if they value the products. 
  • “Prices are what someone is willing to pay for something.” 
  • Don’t be afraid to add more to your service. Over deliver to your customers. 


Increase Prices Without Adding Value 

  • Find common ground of supply and demand to determine your price. 
  • Finding your starting prices for services can result in trial an error. 
  • Adding a new layer of your business that satisfies need for growth. 


Overcoming Fear Of Price Setting

  • Have confidence!
  • Know where you stand in marketplace. 
  • Value what you bring to table. 
  • Build more value to become more comfortable. 
  • Knowing your brand credibility. 
  • Constantly revisit how you position yourself after receiving yes.
  • Provide quality. 


Existing Clientele Price Adjusting

  • “Raise prices when new clientele comes in.” You’re now an expert, not service provider. 
  • Control supply and demand so you won’t get taken advantage of.  
  • Don’t mess up their current experience. Explore strategies that keeps grandfathered in customers happy. 

This or That - Monetizing Your passion? 

  • What are your thoughts when it comes to monetizing your passion? 
  • Find a balanced mindset and fulfillment in how and what you’re posting. 
  • Express yourself on content freely without giving into the pressure from critics. 


Branding Questions

1) How are you being unique to create the demand in your business?

2) What packages does your business currently offer? Do you feel comfortable in your presentation to attract clients?

3) Are you doing something because it’s you’re passion? Or because it’s popular?

4) Are you able to rewrite your mindset to shift mentalities or perspectives when unproductive results are exemplified? 

5) How is your brand perceived from others?

Listener Perks

Listener Perks

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