12 Ways Ali Abdaal Makes $4 MILLION On YouTube: Find Out How

In today's video we are going to breakdown Ali Abdaal annual video of how much he makes as a YouTuber. Join Deeper Than The Brand 5 Course Bundle: https://www.deeperthanthebrand.com/

In this video, we dive into the 12 different ways that British YouTuber Ali Abdaal makes money on the platform, including through YouTube AdSense, Amazon Affiliates, YouTube sponsorships, podcast ads and brand deals, email newsletters, Instagram and TikTok sponsored posts, merchandise, digital products, Skillshare courses, self-hosted courses, and cohort courses. We break down how much he made in each category, starting from zero dollars in 2017 to a cumulative total of over $4 million in 2022. @aliabdaal is known for his transparency and in this video, we discuss his journey and the mistakes he made along the way. Whether you're a content creator looking to monetize your channel or simply curious about how YouTubers make money, this video is a must-watch!

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