How To Make Your Brand Ideas Come To Life | Nicky And Moose The Podcast Episode 90

On today’s episode "How To Make Your Brand Ideas Come To Life", Nicky and Moose discuss What’s Poppin’ with former Nike CMO, Greg Hoffman on both authenticity and turning ideas into reality, as well as Don Lemon about the need for vulnerability in business.

Your hosts also break down Nick Cannon and give a fire blueprint for your brand or business to keep it thriving and relevant long after the competition has gone. So, grab your favorite device, share this with a friend, and tune in. This is a can’t miss!

00:00 - Intro
1:31 - Review of the Week
7:06 - Clip (Greg Hoffman-Authenticity)
9:01 - The Value of Authenticity
20:13 - Clip (Don Lemon)
21:39 - Vulnerability in Business
29:00 - Clip (Greg Hoffman - Teams)
30:42 - Make the Ideas Possible
48:31 - Clip (Nick Cannon)
50:34 - Numbers and Consistency
1:00:35 - E-Camm and Announcements
1:01:07 - Moose, Final Words

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Nicky And Moose The Podcast is a weekly podcast giving you an inside look into the world’s top personal brands & businesses to reveal the blueprint behind their success. Each episode breaks down current marketing trends, as well as relevant topics to extract the business strategies, branding tactics and thought process of your favorite entrepreneurs. So, whether you are looking to grow your personal brand on social media or aim to scale your business in the digital world, your hosts; Nicky Saunders And Mostafa Ghonim will help you walk away with practical steps to take you to the next level!

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