Sept. 21, 2021

Episode 51 - Walking Your Talk

Welcome to episode 51 of Nicky and Moose: The Podcast! Check out today’s episode as your hosts discuss what’s poppin’ with Usain Bolt and Sha’Carri Richardson, of course, the Ja’ Rule and Fat Joe Verzuz battle, as well as lessons in building from Styles P.

Also, check out an important lesson the Queens’ kids pulled from Drake this past week. This is a can’t miss! So, grab something to take notes with and check it out.

What You Will Learn:

  • How having your own platform can possibly be a distraction
  • Balance your talk and your results
  • Stay focused on the assignment and what you know works
  • There is a need for confidence with your craft
  • Be careful with who you let into your space
  • How to move forward in a space without support from those you care about

Nicky Saunders  0:00  
Whats poppin whats poppin whats poppin. Welcome Nicky and moose. I'm nicky, that's moose whats up moose?

Mostafa Ghonim  0:08  
What up y'all,

Nicky Saunders  0:09  
and welcome to Episode 51. And in this episode we're gonna be talking about saying less training more maybe, of course, a little bit of verses right, with a little twist of of a lesson, right? We're going to talk about building a foundation organically. And a bonus, bonus lesson that is a bit funny is a bit funny, but it has a serious twist to it. So moose how we feel about this,

Mostafa Ghonim  0:45  
I like this one, I'm not gonna lie I like to set up this is gonna be a very consistent concept, comparing two generations to one another. It's like the new generation versus a little bit of the old generation, right, and we're gonna see which one comes out on top.

Nicky Saunders  0:59  
This is intro

Jaymie Jordan  1:02  
two kids from Queens. Cut from a different cloth. Now joining forces helping you to elevate your personal brand. Yeah, I'm talking about Nicky and Moose, bringing you a never before seen perspective into the mindset, the mentality, the behaviors, the driving force, more importantly, the stories behind the people and brands that you know, and love the most.

Nicky Saunders  1:31  
And you already know what time it is, it is the review of the week. This one says growth. Every episode is another level and adds so much insight that keeps me dealt with that keeps me brand and business focused. Shout out to to the person who left us a review and everybody who leaves us a review. Please continue to do that you could do to on Apple podcast and pod chaser. And we appreciate we read all of them. And yeah, go do that. First before we go into this moose, how are we feeling? What's up?

Mostafa Ghonim  2:18  
Man Pretty good. Pretty good. This was a good week. I was on the road a little bit. You know, do a little more travel last week's three weeks.

Nicky Saunders  2:29  
Are you going to get a spot in DC?

Mostafa Ghonim  2:32  
I might need to at some point to be honest with you. I kind of like that city, though. I really like that city. Yeah. I mean, I see future plans developing there. Oh, yeah. ill keep you guys posted.

Nicky Saunders  2:45  
 Any any of our real estate people in that area, go ahead up moose. You may get a new client. He's going back and forth. 19 million times every single time I talk to him. It's like, he's getting on a plane. I'm like, Yo, what are you? You're this this silver medallion. I see what you're talking about.

you wasnt even on that status Last week

Mostafa Ghonim  3:14  
Yeah. I love it. I love it. You're so happy. I didn't know I didn't know. That's how it worked. I was just like, oh, wow, this is different. You get you pull up in, you purchase comfort plus, and then you get thrown up to first class. Oh, okay. 

Nicky Saunders  3:29  
For those that don't know what we're talking about. Delta skymiles. Right. He's traveling so much. So his miles are going up. Feel Me. So now he's in the silver status where you just get free upgrades for no reason. You just are there and it's like, boom, first class. What just happen? So um, shout out, shout out to delta. Feel Me, because I'm part of that part of that status too. But that is one of the reasons why I appreciate status now. Like because you see the pure difference of like, if you buy regular stuff, you stay there. And maybe you even like, get a middle seat. I remember when you were traveling in like, basic basic economy where you can even bring a bag, I can remember that

Mostafa Ghonim  4:36  
absolutely Absolutely. I might look, I'm I'm grateful for now I remember the nights where I slept at the airport. I remember the nights of squeezing everything into one little book bag so you don't have to pay for it. Oh, I remember those very, very vividly. But it is a big difference. I think it's part of the thing that makes you want to work a little harder because you're like, Yo, this becomes a standard and I'm Want to keep it there. So it's Yeah, no, this is for sure. For sure. I'm right there with you.

Nicky Saunders  5:06  
Hey, I am mad at it The crazy thing and of course y'all know, I did read the Rick Ross. New Book. Okay, but isn't that a promo but that he says something very interesting. Okay, maybe a slight promo but not really. But he says something very interesting when it comes to status and watches. Right? Which I thought you might like, where he was like out. I don't wear a watch to tell time I have an iPhone for that. Right? I wear watch certain types of watches. So when I'm in the room, they don't question me. Like, they know who I am without me necessarily saying anything. Right? And it's because that watch brings a certain type of status knows, and i was like. That Makes sense. 

Mostafa Ghonim  6:03  
I'm big on watches. I think watches are definitely one of those like, it's a it's a class symbol. And I don't mean class in terms of status. I think just in terms of even elegance, right? Like your style. Like I said, it's a real it's a real tasteful thing. So I personally love watches. And yeah, I there is no guarantee that I will not spend a significant amount of money one day. On a really nice Watch. I can't garuntee that, So

Nicky Saunders  6:32  
Just saying Rolex, Nicky and Moose Will talk more about you, He'll be like this the whole time. Stiles P What he talking about today? You'd be like this for no reason. Oh, oh my god, our audio listeners, Please just go check the video. We're just acting dumb, dont mind us.

Mostafa Ghonim  7:09  
little warm up.

Nicky Saunders  7:11  
But no, seriously, I was looking at prices for you know, first off. Rolex is smart. Let me tell you this. Cuz I'm big on I'm gonna find everything online. I mean, COVID has put me in this whole. You know what? It should be easier to find things instead of going to the store right? Now. If you go to the Rolex thing, they're like not, you gotta go to the store. Or you go, I'm like, Oh, I see what you're doing. And for me, that's not recommended because I am

Mostafa Ghonim  7:51  
going to buy it Yeah, I know

Nicky Saunders  7:53  
gonna buy i'm gonna i'm gullible. I'm absolutely. I know. My flaws. I'm gullible. But I'll go in be like, let me see what this is about. Right. All right. Now, granted, I'm clearly sometimes the way I dress. They may not take me serious. And I'm cool with that. This is the that is the reason why I went from I was going to get a caddy, a caddy coupe. And why I got my Honda because the caddy people weren't talking to me. I went in, I was ready to buy. I knew exactly what car I was going to get, right. And no one talked to me. I went right across the street. I went to Honda. Got a brand new car. No problem. It was the easiest sale. I was like, yeah, let me get this red one coupe. I already know what I want. Like, you, you know, yeah. Trust me, I'm the easiest thing you're going to deal with. So maybe I go to Rolex, and they won't take me serious. But then I won't know the price either. Right. Theres this one that's chocolate. It's like this chocolate one. I've like looked at that for a few times. I'm like, huh? That's  i like that one. But Rolex, get moose a watch. Anyways, let's start this this episode. First thing we're going to talk about. So, usain bolt, Usain Bolt advice to shikari richardson. talk less, train harder. Now, of course, to a certain generation, that makes sense course. Like clearly ma'am. You're You're talking a lot, like, just go about your business, this is not necessarily a sport, where you have to come out your mouth. Too often this does not have been, that hasn't been the narrative of when people are racing, especially in the Olympics. I brought this here, because clearly, in the generation that we're in, there is a whole group that has now a platform has now audience and just are more verbal than before. So, whereas the other racers, when they were going when when bolt was racing, you know, social media wasn't that big until later, right? The only way you can speak is when you won.  Now, that's not necessarily true. You don't have to even race to say anything. Like you can say all you want, because she was making a lot of noise when she wasn't even in the Olympics. So, though, this advice makes sense. And I agree with it. Is the How do I put this? Is it outdated for the new generation? 

Mostafa Ghonim  11:45  
Thats Interesting. That's very interesting. I definitely see what you did there. Okay. So, here's my thing, right. I understand. I totally understand why Shikari Richardson. Richardson would feel how she feels right. I get that. You know, she kind of was ex out of the Olympics. And especially as being a minority female, you already feel like you're up against and you're working on a uphill battle to get where you want to go to anyway. So then to feel like you're being you know, targeted even more, I understand. But the flip side of it, when you get advice from an eight time gold medal winner. They say this ain't just a rookie saying, hey, Shikari. Come on just put your head down. grind up a little bit. Yeah, no, no, my man got eight gold medals, right? world record holder in? I'm sure a few different races. Yep. You You have to listen to that. There's there's some form of lived experience there that allowed him to achieve the level of success that he has. But you got to be like, you know what? Alright, I'm gonna be open to receiving that. I think one of the sports that I personally have become a fan of as of late, because I do see that brotherly love a lot in it is basketball. If I rest in peace to Kobe Bryant, we saw that happening with Kobe Bryant with a lot of the athletes that he started taking under his wing and coaching. And the new generation of players were extremely receptive to the information that was being said. So I that part of it, I do understand now just to play my own devil's advocate, I understand today's athletes, because they're looking at it like, this is a one shot opportunity for me to put my name in front of the world. And if I don't make it in a very crazy sport like that, have any of those featured in the Olympics? Because it's true. Like we saw Michael Phelps talk about, you know, how mental health and how challenging that sport is. I've watched documentaries that that talk about how the Olympic sports don't pay much like you really don't get paid much like you're almost going into debt, just to have an opportunity. So I understand that part. So you're probably thinking as a young athlete, oh, well, today, I have this and I can use my phone to establish a name for myself that I can at least make some monetary gain, to stay on the platform to stay in the hunt, to pay for training, things of that nature. But at any point that that becomes the main thing meaning the phone, the social media world, you going out that becomes the main thing and it and it becomes priority over what we know you for. I think you got to stop and say okay, hold on. Something's wrong.

Nicky Saunders  14:52  
I agree with that. I think I just wonder if Like, there is another way to get through. Right? Yet it's it's almost where the new generation doesn't have the same type of respect as the older generation did for their elders. Right. So I was watching an interview with what's my man's name, who played Steve Urkel. was it, Jimel white, something like that.  Okay, whoever plays Steve Urkel, yall know, if not Google it. So he was on a podcast with Talib quali, right. And he was even saying himself, he was like, I cannot subscribe to bashing those of who are my elders, even though this generation doesn't necessarily care, because they feel like they're bringing in something completely new. And doing it a whole different way, that way, isn't relevant anymore. But even though the elders are wrong, I still don't subscribe to bashing them or saying anything negative in any kind of way, right? I know sometimes. I even subscribe to if it's wrong its wrong. I don't necessarily care of your age, right? I'm not going to go in a disrespectful manner. But I'm not going to stay shut it. Because you are older than me. I can't. I've gone back and forth with multiple people because of that. And sometimes, I can also subscribe to the hardheadedness of when elders are trying to say something because I'm like, we're doing it different, right? So I can understand both kind of ways. I think the only reason why I'm cool with what bolt said is because she didn't win. And she's doing a lot more talking, which is her prerogative, like she could do whatever she wants her platform. She was at the Met Gala, still talking like this is the pro and the con of having your own platform and different other media outlets that entertain. Right, you're given, you're given a camera, to literally and a mic to say whatever you want to say we're going to make a big deal out of it. But if you can back it up at the end from a longevity standpoint, that's going to crush it, you may be hot at this particular moment. What you said can be very relevant, and almost a what's the word I'm looking for? valid based of how you feel and based off how they treated you, everything like that counting you out, absolutely. But if you have nothing to back it up. Besides your past triumphs you're not going to stay relevant too long. So now it's about it happened with uh Adrian Bruner in boxing for those who watch boxing, boxing and if you don't know who I am, or who I am, who Adrian Brunner is, don't worry. I'll explain it real quick. Right. So Adrian Bruner was pretty much a duplicate of, of Floyd Mayweather in the sense of how much trash He always talks how flamboyant as far as his lavish lifestyle, he was right? and how he was able to gain success in a very quick way by picking his opponents. And he became like a champion very young, in I think, several weight classes. So, but no one really worthy of like, saying that he really beat somebody known right? Now, when he did finally fall, fight somebody he lost, and he continuously lost, right? And he did too much talking. And then not enough training.

And it took him from this is going to be the next Floyd Mayweather to we not even speaking about him. So he was relevant at some point, especially for how much he talked. But that then went away and that actually hurt him with making more money and things like that it's hard for him to get a fight that anybody would really care about. So even if you're not going to listen to older people, you got to look at something that currently is happening in sports, to actually more than we know, of other athletes, because they have that. You know what I'm here. I'm bigger than life. We're doing it different. I have success very quickly. I'm here. So yeah, of course, they have a confidence out of this world. But there needs to be a bit of balance of how am I mastering my craft? And how am I poppin my collar at the same time, because i aint mad at it. Talk, talk your talk. But if you can't back it up, that's a problem.

Mostafa Ghonim  21:01  
Big time, big time.

Nicky Saunders  21:05  
But let's, let's talk a little bit about vs. Because we made a very known Westside. Each of us were I've gotten dm's. Oh, yeah, I got to talk about this because one of y'all was wrong. Right. People I tried I tried to say, Whoa, hold on it, your downplaying the catalog is bad, right. No, no, no, no, no, that I'm not downplaying. Just saying, right. Remember the clip? No, no, no, no, that's not what I'm saying. Right. Well, um people. Fat Joe and Ja Rue happen. And the people say, no Fat Joe. My Man is delusional. I don't know what he's thinking. But Ja Rue clearly won that battle. Do you agree or disagree?

Mostafa Ghonim  22:17  
So So, right, so a couple of things, a couple of things. A couple of things.

No, I definitely took notice, though, yeah, that was legit. One of the battles that I watched pretty much front to back, like, I watched the entire thing. And I loved it. I thought it was it was very entertaining. It was super funny. From from the comments, to just Ja and Fat Joe going at each other. Like, that was funny. Just everything. I really found it to be one of the more entertaining battles, you know, throughout the whole thing. So I love that right now. Did did Ja Rue win? I think so. I think

Nicky Saunders  23:13  
my face went from a smile to please dont, I don't like

Mostafa Ghonim  23:17  
I definitely. I definitely think so. Right? I definitely think so. But here are my takeaways, right? Because I think as many people did, they forgot the music. And the hits that ja created because of what came after and how long he's been silent for. I think, I think that but that was that's the beauty of versus Right. Like, that's not the only person that this has happened for. I felt the same way about Young Jeezy. Right when when Young Jeezy had his battle. And I was like, dang, I used to love a lot of his music and it kind of reminded me of a lot of his hits too. And then for a while, I was listening to Jeezy after. Right? So I think that's common but no but nonetheless I do think ja won Now here are my takeaways though and and this is on a serious note that I think you know, anyone who who locks into our show, you know we always want to move and laugh and joke and do the entertaining part but it's always to extract the lessons. And for me, what I've noticed is and I'll focus more on kind of like personal professional development side of it is if you think about it, those two shouldn't have battled each other. One was more so on the pop r&b side the other one was kind of more of a hitmaker slash you know rap artists so they really shouldn't have battled each other right but what I love what I love and this is a lesson for all of us is Ja Rue was not budging on exactly what he was there to do. And fat Joe was like Oh, come on, you're singing he's like you know, that's what I'm gonna do all night. like he didn't Trying to change up his game plan to say, oh, let me go. Because I need to know he's like, I'm gonna go with what I know is my best. I'm sticking to it the whole night. And I'm not budging. I'm not backing down. So I love that mentality and that approach. And I think it was a reminder, like yo, at the end of the day, whatever you're up against, do not change your strategy. Or try something new. When you have something that works. Like, like, stay, stay in your lane stay stay confident in it, and just stay convicted to that. So that to me, I thought was was super dope. Like, I'm just watching the to back and forth. And the pressure that Fat Joe was applying, it was really like a strategic move to say, Okay, I know I'm getting crushed. Let me put a little, a little pressure to get him out of his bag. Right and trying to get him into my world where I can level the playing field a little bit. And ja was just like, No, I'm staying right here the whole night. So I love that. And it was a reminder for me, like, whenever you're in a space and you're doubting, what should I do go with what you know, is your is your it. That's always the big move. And then the other one, I'll just say this too, real quick. The other piece is the conviction. And that's why I laugh when you say Fat Joe was delusional. Because my man was just like, yo, if I'm doing it, if it's been done its good. Like, what? What is there else to say? He was just absolutely convicted. And you think about how many people? How many of us, myself included, at some point struggling so much with confidence because of what they say. Or what type of reaction you get. Fat Joe was up there. Like, I'm the best. What are you talking about? Like I'm here? And just so confident.

Nicky Saunders  26:41  
He legit thought he won

Mostafa Ghonim  26:43  
Yeah, no, I'm sure part of it was was like was was roleplay. But I just do believe that. Above all, there's a level of conviction in him as an artist like, Yo, I'm, I'm really good. And I think you need that to some extent, right? Like, when you go over the top with it, it kind of goes into that, you know, are you talking to talk a walk in the walk, but I do like that he's confident enough that he didn't fold on stage. He didn't kind of start saying Oh, shoot, like, you know, like when locks dipset went at it. dipset was kind of like, man, we got ourselves in a bad situation they were kind of retreating or pulling back on stage. Fat Joe, at least gave us like a full, you know, they went the full round.

Nicky Saunders  27:28  
Okay, okay. I agree. So I think I will repeat, I think that Joe's delusional, right? Till this day still really thinks, regardless of when you hear it is still till this day, he thinks he won right now. I'll break it down. Not super Fanny just yet. I'll go there and a little bit. But I will say, clearly, there was a change with this one compared to locks and dipset. Because it wasn't that circle versus kind of vibe, like they did with locks and dipset. In the same theater, it was the hulu theater, in Madison Square Garden, they made it more as a stage, then in a concert than necessarily a battle. For me. I think if we're going to transition into live events, I almost wanted consistency with how it looked the first place because that was so epic. Like we remember, yo you're going in there its going to be a battle. Now clearly. I knew it wasn't going to be like a serious battle with these two. But to bring that type of branding and consistency with versus would have been really dope. But they brought it back to a stage just like how they did in Miami. In what was that club club live? I think that's where they do it. So it's more giving concert vibes than necessarily battle vibes. Right? I did like, I don't know if anybody else noticed. advertisement in the behind the DJ, with Charlemagne, new show. I did like that, right. That means big money, if you want to be behind the DJ, when they're doing their set, because now they have a set a great, good amount of time in the beginning before the artists come out. And so you're looking at the DJ, you're looking behind the DJ because it's a video wall. And now you get to advertise whatever you want to want to do. I did like that. I did like that a lot. Um, another thing that I saw that was important was, this is where you see the clear transition from virtual to in person, because you could really tell who the audience was going for. And I think that actually has a big role of who we thought one because ja Rue had the ladies on lock, which was majority of the audience, or even if it wasn't, was the loudest portion of the audience, which then when you hear it through your phone or laptop, however you watch it, your idea of who may when will sway because you're hearing the audience more than necessarily the songs because we're Fat Joe was playing was still good. But it didn't hit to the audience as much as Joe Rue did. So this is where the experience kind of collides a little bit. So from that standpoint of the verses, that was pretty interesting, because now it shows the crowd plays a huge role in these battles its not just the online audience you have to worry about. It's really the in person now a days, so that was, that was interesting, right? It's funny, because one of my followers when I did the live right after was literally there. So I brought him on the next day he was like yo, the energy was amazing. This had to be the best versus I was like, okay, slow down, homie. Shout out to a Brooklyn boy. You know, you are. I was like, Are you saying that because you were there. Because you cant intelligently I sell this to him. You cant intelligently tell me that this was better than locks and dipset you cant intelligently say that.

Mostafa Ghonim  32:21  
you're in that boat, for sure.

Nicky Saunders  32:22  
And he's like, I can't? I was like, You can't intelligently say that. He was like, you right. You right, but he was like, yo, fire. And I was like, so what's up with a simple COVID How do they do? No one cared about COVID. aint, nobody, have no mask, we were loving on each other. We were there. We were having fun. I was like, Oh, yeah. Now to i hate this word because of clubhouse. But to piggyback off of the Fat Joe and Ja Rue. It stirred up another battle, which was JD calling out Diddy for the 15 million time. Right. There was a post like literally standing outside of Madison Square Garden. I believe. Like Diddy where you at? And diddy responded with your arms are too short to box with the God. Now I'm bringing this up. Because right before we recorded this, there was a live where it was Fat Joe Snoop Dogg, JD and Diddy. And diddy still wasn't trying to battle with him in a legit way. But he was like, yo, we could do this right here. Like, I'm playing songs. He was playing victory. He was playing. hypnotize he was playing. What else he play all about the Benjamins. Like he was playing songs and JD was like, Nah, sign the paper like to give me a date. And everybody in the live was like yo, JD play a song Fat Joe was like, yo, play, play a song. Diddy was like, yo, you letting your man's do this. This is not hip hop, hip hop. If I'm coming with you, song for song, you're now you came to the blog and now saying Nah, it he got to be inside. That's like going to one and play basketball and not playing wanting to play outdoors. You only want to play indoors, right? So I almost found that. Now he eventually played one. Right. He eventually played one which was confessions by Usher huge, huge one right. But at the same time, I almost saw that as a yo thats a missed opportunity if my man already doesn't take you serious for this battle, and he says, I want Dr. Dre, I don't want you. I want Dr. Dre that would be better. And you're he comes to on the live and he starts playing it, this was a perfect opportunity to shut him up like this. And I look at it, not only from just like the, you know, battle standpoint, but you're asking for something. And now you're being picky about how it's presented to you. How you receive the opportunity, you're asking for opportunity yo, let's go let's do this. Let's do this. Alright, let's do it here. Nah. Okay, you didn't you ask the battle on versus this literally could we could create our own versus right here we have 58,000 people who the second they hear you play something is about to share it to the world. Why wouldn't like? And I think it's a lesson because you're seeing it as you ask for something over and over again. Over and over. I need this. I need this job. I need this. I need that. And then you get it. Maybe not ideal, but you get it and you're like nah. I don't know about this one. I'm not. I wanted it this way. No, you you wanted the opportunity. You can't get everything you want. You now have to. You got the door open. Now you have to kick it open. And and do what you do. Now granted, JD may be like I am highly decorated, I do not have to this is this is what it is right. I don't necessarily need this. And this is competitive, like so I can understand it. But at the same time, I'm like

you asked for the opportunity. You could you have that you could have done two three songs that would have shut him up that we would still want to hear in the battle when you two go. And we were still rock out the same? I don't know. That's just me.

Mostafa Ghonim  37:39  
 I think it's I actually think it's the flip side of it. I think what he's doing is maybe he knows he can't go against him. But he's like, well, this is a great opportunity for me to get on the platform. Right? I see what versus is doing for everybody's catalog. And you know, to use Fat Joe slogan, the price going up and all that good stuff. So he's like, Well, let me call out somebody that would would do record numbers with me, right? Who at least is on somewhat of the same conversation. But it's strictly a business move. So I don't want to lose the opportunity. Unless the contract is signed. So let me just keep trying to almost get under your skin where you where you want to do it just to prove me wrong? Not necessarily because you think I'm going to beat you. But I still benefit because I mean, we see this with everybody, right? Who regardless of what happens, both catalogs get played, or people walk away saying, Man, I actually used to really love that song. And they kind of start streaming that. So I think if I had to guess I'm looking at JD and I'm like, Okay, I see what you're doing. I think it's more of a business move where you're just trying to turn enough tables that people can start to say, well come on diddy, just go do it. And then you benefit off of having diddys, you know, that that just that your name being on the same sentence with him. So you're like, Nah, I'm gonna wait until until the contract is signed. So I can see, you know, from a business side, where he's like, I don't want to I don't know, I don't even want to entertain it until it's real.

Nicky Saunders  39:17  
Now that that makes sense. But for the listeners and the viewers, what do you think? Right? Yeah. Do you think he should have played a song on the live or he shouldn't have should they battle or should they not so hit us up on the social medias. Social media has that sound right? Or leave it in the review? Let us know. But yeah, that bothered that bothered me. And I want to definitely wanted to bring it but on the topic, but off topic of versus We're gonna bring up Styles P and this is gonna hit home for me and I see what like, I love Moose Moose those some, like, low key strategic clips that he feels that I like need to hear. It's really dope I was like, oh,

Mostafa Ghonim  40:20  
slide under the table real quick.

Nicky Saunders  40:24  
 So Styles P was on I am athlete. Really good interview, go check that out. But there was two parts that Moose suggested. Right? So he was like, yeah, go to like, clip 34 minutes or something like that? And if, like, if you see it make sense? Go to like Like 44 go. Whenever it makes sense, right? It was the firest part I was like and it was where I was at, I think even both of us at this time of our lives. And I'm like, you're not slick. You're not slick. And I love it. And we're gonna play it on the podcast. So here you go. When you build something from the foundation up, and as from the ground up, the only time you should be bringing in other builders is for other spots when you want to expand and making sure you get your net worth off of it. And they understand what yall built and that yall are builders. And that they should be fortunate enough to come along and build this aside and along with you for the future.

So first off, I feel like Moose intended that for me, I feel like it was like a low key message like you need to see this right now. Like just you may like the interview, you may not listen to this particular part, go ahead.

Mostafa Ghonim  41:58  
gotta do it like that.

yeah, no my favorite part about this is, you know, and I think what I've noticed through experiences, if the intention for you is to keep your core together, right, and I talked about like the to add more context to the clip throughout just before that they were saying they were saying like, How were you able to stay together for so long? It's like, locks 20 years, you guys are still been together all this time. And he was saying, well, we made a pact growing up, because they're also from New York, but they're out of New Rochelle. Yeah. So they were one of the areas in the city, or in the in New York really, that was under the radar, like radio never really showed love outside of the five main boroughs. So for them, the way to do that and not let money and other things interfere was to keep this kind of close knit, nobody can come in. Now what I've noticed from experience, and this is where I'm going with it, what I've noticed from experience is, when you allow other people to come with you to opportunities, because at some point, you start to get a level of success that everybody wants to pick your brain. Everybody wants to see if you got five minutes to sit down and chat. They want to take you out to lunch and have coffee like that. That's the standard. So what I like of what he's saying here is, well, if you want to build and stay together forever, don't let the outsider come to you and say, Hey, here's what I want to present to you. Here's what I think you should do. He's saying, nope, you dish out the opportunity as you expand to the people that you think are the right ones. And you make it clear to them, Hey, if you're going to come into the universe, or if you're going to come into our ecosystem, here's what we need you to play because we're the original builders, right? If your goal again, is to stay tight knit together, that's the way to do that. But of course, if you just want maximum growth or whatever, you're going to allow people to come to you with opportunities and expose gaps, but just know that they're going to come with the intention of exposing gaps in your process, so that they can that you can lean on on them for something right. And typically, the more people you let into your foundation, they're not going to care for what you've built with the same level of intensity that you're going to have. So that was my main reason for it. I just kind of liked how it gave us an opportunity to break down the two levels of partnerships, right, there's one way to do it where your dishing out opportunities. You might even say no to money. You might say no to more growth that way. But if you're someone who's just just really about keeping your core tight, that might be the way to do it or, Take the long Good way to do. So. Yeah, that's uh part of it that I really thought was dope.

Nicky Saunders  45:06  
Yeah. And I think I could speak for me, where I'm in a sense of building, right. And the question of who to partner with and everything like that has already came to the table. And this clip is definitely something that is very timely, because you look at it, like, I've seen certain situations, not mine, but certain situations where it's almost, too They build something. And now it's like, the person who's coming in either feels entitled, or, because because I'm coming in, that the percentage is higher, but you're the one that built it. And I think it's being very confident enough in yourself, and what you're growing and what you have built, that people are going to come to you and don't fold. Because they may have a bigger platform, they may be of, you know, higher status, whatever it may be, you're the you're the prize, you're the one that has potential to really blow things out the water. And you have to be strategic, and mindful with who you partner and who you sign the dotted line with. Because if you built it, and something happened, that's not the end of it, you can build something again. So you are more of the prize than necessarily the business or the situation or whatever. So you have to put an extra level of confidence, you have to put an extra level of dollar signs to even yourself in what you're building, regardless of who comes into the situation or who wants to partner who wants to sponsor, whatever it may be. Because in that clip, my man was like, Alright, we built something. And, you know, people are coming now with their checkbook. And so what would be your advice, and that was the advice he gave. And we get very blinded with the checkbook, we get very blinded by the status, we get very blinded by the possible opportunities, in which you got to look back and be like, Hey, yo, I built this, like, I did this. You coming to me? Like, what is what is it really there for? What's the situation that you were offering me? Like, your, your presence doesn't do nothing for me, you, you honestly are not going to do anything for me. You think because you're attached to me, or I'm attached to you quote, unquote, that's good enough. And that's sometimes not. I've seen it in both ends where if that person that you were partnering with and you built it does not put energy towards it. It's a pointless partnership. You're doing everything on by yourself. But we get very blinded by the name. And I have gotten very blinded by the name at times, too. I'm not going to take myself out of certain things. I'm speaking off of a lot of experience as well. So I see what you did there moose. I see what you did there. But this was a really good clip because it honestly opened my eyes to even certain, current situations that I have. And like just kind of like a slap in the face like Yo, hold. Oh, wait, hey, hey, re-think this real quick so Moose was like I see what he did. Um, for our last one. Got a funny lesson. A funny lesson. And of course, I should have gotten the the sound. I should have gotten the sound. We're going to be talking about Drake. Drake? thats the sound I should have gotten. I should have put that in the soundboard but instead we'll do the air horn, right. Oh, um, but let's go to the deep.

Drake  49:59  
He facetimed me yesterday and he was like, Drake. Oh, man, I want to tell you, man, I got a, I got an RV for sale, man. And I was like, what does that have to do? What What am I? And I was like, he's like, Man, I'm in Shanghai, my friend got this RV for sale. I was like, do you have any sort of idea of what's going on back home? Like, you know that I dropped this album? And he goes, Well, he goes, he goes, Yeah, man, man. I love it, man. I love it. And I was like, oh, what's your favorite song? He's like, Drake, man. I'll be honest with you, man. My service is not too good out here man. I'm gonna get around to it.

Nicky Saunders  50:46  
Crazy. First off, here's my first problem with this, right? How you say your service. Isn't that good. But you're on the phone. Right? I'm confused by this. That's cool. Second, the real reason why I brought this was the whole fact of that, even though it was a joke. That is a real situation to where some people don't really have the true support, or maybe feel disconnected from friends and family, maybe like more, mostly family, but definitely friends too maybe they're close to. Like, we're only we're only childs. So like, our friends feel more like family than anything. Right? And so it is. It's funny, but really realistic to see, hey, I did something big. Did you notice it? Oh, no, but I'll get to it. Why? Because it's not a priority, because they don't really understand it. And those are the people we seek the most support and like feedback from, and you don't necessarily get it all the time? Because they either don't understand, or it's just something they don't agree with. Right? So what do you think? Like for those who don't have the support from their circle, the people who don't have support from, like their family, right? But just someone close? How do you think, what is maybe one or two things that can help them stay focused? In a certain situation, this is for nine to five people, maybe you transition to a new position, a new job, whether it is entrepreneurship, you just jumped into entrepreneurship, and no one in your family has ever done such a thing called the entrepreneurship. So how do you how do you tackle that? Not feeling supported vibe? 

Mostafa Ghonim  53:06  
yeah, I think if you really left with two options, you know, I think two simple options is all you can deal with, you either become your number one fan, you become your own fan, right. And just know that you can't seek that outside validation, at least not from within, until you have something to show for it. Because typically, you know, and we joke around some family members or close friends, they're going to be the first to make fun of you, they're going to be the first to kind of, you know, pick on you a little bit. And that feels like they're not supporting you. But really, they're just maybe waiting around to see if you're really going to do it. So you can challenge yourself and say, Man, have I carried myself in a way that maybe made them feel that I'm not someone who follows through? Are they really doing that maybe because that's how they protect themselves from feeling like, Hey, don't get too big on us and leave us alone. So I think that this is something that we should use as an opportunity to just kind of reflect and say, okay, hold up, it doesn't mean that they don't support me or what I'm doing is not going to work, it could be a variety of different things. And as long as you at least send in your mind that you're going to be your own number one fan until it really pops. Then it happens I mean, we've seen it you know historically you typically don't get the support in your own backyard from your own people right away that usually some of the later comers and when other people see you and they start rocking then those you know near to you start coming along so yeah, I would say man just become your own number one fan at first, but clearly Drake is making it work. My man is still laughing it off after being an artist of the decade still running with it. So yeah, that's powerful.

Nicky Saunders  54:50  
Yeah, and I think even for me in the beginning stages from when I went to, like, from corporate to what we're doing now. Love My mom shout out to my mom. But she didn't understand it. She is she asked lot of questions. It was just like, I don't know, it was, it didn't feel truly supportive, because she's never seen it before. And then I think that's even also, some of the main reasons why I don't fully say in detail. What I do, like my mom is like, you have podcast like, you work with E. But that's probably the only amount of stuff that she really understands and get. And I think, for me, that was because it didn't fully felt feel supportive in the beginning, right. But like I said, she doesn't, she didn't understand it. So you can't expect people to support you when they don't, they've never seen it before. Or it's never been done in their lives in the way that you're doing it. What I do know with my mom, she's like, Yo, I wish I would have followed my what makes me happy earlier on in life, like you showed me that, like you didn't go with the best situation or what society says you did what makes you happy? And I wish I would have done that. Right? But in the beginning, it wasn't understood. And being an only child, I'm like, aye yo, like, Who am I? Who am I supposed to really lean on with that? Right. But I think once you once you like, you know, forget it, let me just prove it. Let me show more action of how this is. And like proof is in the pudding kind of vibe, then she started to get it. And now mom is like the number one fan of this podcast and everything that I'm pretty much doing. She'll be 120 series in Atlanta next week, or by the time you hear this the weekend. She's gonna be there. So you can see me and Moose, and all the other famous people see all the other famous people at 120, you could probably only get the live stream by now. However, um, I just really wanted to bring this up quickly, because it's just something people do deal with. It's the support of our circle and loved ones. That is not always going to be there in everything we do. And I'm not just saying in a career standpoint, maybe from a relationship standpoint, maybe from, you know, something small a hobby, or whatever it is, like, I know my mom didn't want me to box. For those who are just joining it from I don't know, from maybe day one. Yes, I used to box. Don't worry about it. No, I'm not. I don't do this no more. But my mom was not supportive of it. I didn't tell her for the longest she found out and she was so mad. Right? Wrong. And one of the main reasons and this is why some people may not tell their family or whatever, because once they show how passionate they didn't want you to do it, you'll stop one of the main reasons why I stopped was because my mom didn't like it. You know so, i was really good, by the way. Um, but I can see why some people may be hesitant or really feel disconnected because it's like uh low key, the only thing you want to do is get their approval and support. And if you don't get that that could be messing you up in the head in your head to where you couldn't stay focus on what you wanted to do. So there's like two sides, like go and prove them wrong. Or show them what it is or two, like you may want to stop but then you have to question wasn't that important to you? For me boxing was cool but it wasn't that important. Right? Know what I do now? That's more important.

So, um we'll tell you about all this this episode. In the Tuesday show, go check out the tuesday show on youtube 8pm Eastern 7pm Central. Five is a five o'clock, five o'clock West Coast time, okay. On YouTube Live. I usually say YouTube live. So go do that. Go follow us on all social media channels go leave us a review. Hello, hello. leave us a review please, please and thank you all right, but with that, okay. Moose, final words.

Mostafa Ghonim  1:00:36  
 Yeah, I'm gonna keep it simple this week, man. Just know when in doubt, double down on what works thats my big lesson from versus this week. You know, just watching these guys go at it. I'm like, man, at any moment, you could feel the pressure to switch your approach and try something else because you want to satisfy the opponent. But you are where you are, because of what you've decided to do and what has always worked for you. So when in doubt, don't try to do anything new. Go with what works double down on you.