Sept. 5, 2023

Episode 153 - Was Invest Fest 2023 Worth My Time Or Money

In this episode of Nicky & Moose, they discuss the key takeaways from Invest Fest & strategies that will elevate your personal brand. 


What You Will Learn


  • Recap of Invest Fest.


  • How to thrive in environments with abundance of opportunities. 


  • Five business strategies for brand growth.


  • How to network yourself effectively.



Creator Of The Week 

North13 media team captures key moments from powerful, influential & successful people. 

They intentionally create & share clips that will be shared on social media. 


Brand Takeaways 


  • Make connections that go beyond digital experiences with people who support you. 


  • Make sure that your presence at events are welcoming! Create an experience that’s unforgettable. 


  • Engage with people who have interest in your brand. Being faithful over few is important in growing a community in your brand. 


  • Publish your video content on the platforms you have. Market yourself to get as much exposure as possible. 


  • Showcase who you are with videos! This strategy displays your personality & opportunity to have audiences feel more connected to you. 


  • You have power to shift people’s beliefs with your perspective. How you say things matter!


  • Build different types of content. People value your mindset & inspiration that’s provided to them. 




1) Do you mirror who you are online in person?


2) How are you connecting with the people that follow you? 


3) How do you stand out in the midst of busy environments around you?


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