July 11, 2023

Episode 145 - We Are Threading: Meta’s New Twitter Killer?

In this episode of Nicky and Moose, they discuss a new Instagram feature along with how to leverage your content successfully. 

What You Will Learn

  • What Is Threads and how can we use it
  • Is your business ready for scaling?
  • How to differentiate yourself from competition. 
  • How to successfully leverage your content. 

What’s Poppin!

Nicky breaks down the new Instagram feature called Threads. It offers opportunities to grow & converse with your followers. Your reach will also not be suppressed, making it easy & accessible to connect with everyone you follow. 

Moose highlighted the business model  of a comedy creator & Co founder of Creator Clash. Their company lost money because of people streaming the fights illegally, which affected their goal to donate to charities. 

Is scaling always the best approach? Will your niche be successful in scaling?

Creator Of The Week

Nick Rich

Nick produces insightful & helpful content on graphic design & Ai tools. He also provides inspiration to become the best creator you can be through his unique storytelling. 

Instagram: JustNickRich

Blueprint For Success - New Instagram Feature Threads 

  • “Be the change you want to see.” 
  • Identify & fix gaps the gaps in your current market. Look for ways to solve problems by providing effective solutions.  
  • Study your competition closely. Look to see what works well and doesn’t. From there you can add your own style that’ll make you stand out. 
  • Don’t become complacent with your creativity or growth. Self assess your progress often to know how you stand against your competition. 

Leveraging Content Successfully

  • Showcase what you can do effectively with content. Use different forms of posting to keep your audience engaged. 
  1. Stories
  2. Post
  3. Reels


  • Show that your an expert in your niche with confidence and consistency with your post. Be sure to use the right song & hashtags. 

This Or That - Bad Self Care?

How do you view self care on Tik Tok? Do you see it being negative or refreshing?

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