March 21, 2023

Episode 129 - We Struggle With Self Doubt Too

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In this episode of Nick and Moose, they discuss how to successfully overcome doubt as a creator.


What You Will Learn 


  • Features Of Chat GPT 4
  • How To Overcome Self Doubt
  • How To Avoid Stagnancy As A Creator
  • What Betting On Yourself Looks Like


What’s Poppin!

Nicky - GPT 4 has officially released with multi module features. Text, screenshots, drawings and videos can  now be converted into images. It also has the ability to write up to 2500 words. Would you invest $20 a month for this service?


Moose - The strategy of building quietly and quickly provides an advantage for your brand. Effectively leveraging your brand with content on social media reaches new audiences across the world. Collaboration an acquiring the right businesses. Marketing effectively, brings traffic before successfully selling to other businesses if you choose


Creator Of The Week

Creator of the week Quincy Harris, A Radio Host & TV Personality Host, exemplified overcoming self doubt before thriving in his new role! He stepped away from his job at Fox to start his own show. He bet on himself by taking a leap of faith, working hard and remaining patient throughout the process. 


Blueprint For Success - Self Doubt Overcome

  • “Giving an honest look about your journey gives someone a chance to overcome similar trials.”


  • Without evidence or proof of overcoming your obstacles, it’s hard for people to believe that it can happen for them also. 


  • “Outwork your self doubt.” Remain patient even if results don’t come right away. 


  • Celebrate small wins and results achieved. 


  • Fear and comparison destroys progress. 


  • “You have full control over the preparation, process and the practice. You don’t have control of the results.” Take advantage opportunities with high belief that your product or service belongs. 


This Or That - Clip Culture?

Do you agree with Joe Budden’s statement?


Moose - Control your own narrative. Don’t give someone an opportunity to spin your story the wrong way. 


Nicky - Use discretion on knowing what to post on social media. Be aware of what can be used against you. 



How do you manage and process anxiety & doubt? 


How do you follow up with actions to remove self doubt? 


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