July 4, 2023

Episode 144 - MrBeast's Secrets To Becoming A Powerful Personal Brand

In this episode, they discuss how to maximize the most out your actions & brand.

What You Will Learn

  • How to optimize your Instagram broadcast channel for engagement. 
  • Mr. Beast keys to brand success. 
  • Influencer marketing replacing traditional ads?
  • Difference between Mass appeal & niche focus. 


What’s Poppin!

Nicky discusses how to maximize the most of your Instagram broadcast channel.

  1. Go deeper into a specific topic. 
  2. Customize the name and look of your page. 
  3. Make your first message count. First impressions are lasting impressions. 
  4. Promote the channel. 
  5. Create content in different formats. 
  6. Keep them engaged. 

Moose discusses how Russel Brunson completed the first flight to make space tourism a reality. Marketing to a specific market for pre sale allows funding to become lucrative. “Everything you build today will be experienced in the moment.”

Would you go to space?

Creator Of The Week

Justin Moore - Creator and CEO of Creator Wizard 

Helps creators monetize monetize their brand through brand deals and sponsorships.  He has accumulated 5 million dollars of brand deals himself. 

Instagram - JustinMooretfam

Blueprint For Success - Power Of Focus For Brand Success. 

  • Focus on important task that will elevate your brand. 
  • Remain consistent in your actions that support the success of your goals. 
  • High level of production takes commitment and intentional focus 

Mr. Beast 3 Focal Points

  • Health 
  • Passion 
  • Business


Does your current focus reflect your goals?

Do you love what you do?

This Or That? Mass Appeal or Niche Focus?

1) Do you rely on the actions of  numbers of what’s successful or what comes natural to you for?

2) Are you looking to stand out in your niche?

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