Oct. 5, 2021

Episode 53 - What's Your Biggest Flex?

 Check out today’s episode as your hosts discuss what’s poppin’ with R. Kelly (by request), DJ Envy, and Coachella, as well as Gary Vee’s NFT payoff.

In this episode, Nicky and Moose bring back the breakdowns focusing this episode on Mr. Worldwide himself, Pitbull! Grab your pen and pad and stick around until the end. You don’t want to miss these gems!

What You Will Learn:

  • Your work and your wrongs
  • When to fight for your name
  • Stop overthinking…anything is possible 
  • Stay consistent, people are rooting for you 
  • You narrate your own story 
  • How social media sees us and how they operate 
  • How to take back the power from social media
  • Ways to maintain success


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Nicky Saunders  0:00  
Whats poppin whats poppin whats poppin welcome to Nicky and moose im, Nicky. That's moose what's up moose? and welcome to Episode 53. yes sir, and this week, we're going to be talking about some lawsuits. And we're actually bringing back the breakdown. Yes, yes, we are going to be talking about somebody who's Cuban. Somebody who is international, global mad Grammys 100 mil. This you know, we're talking about Pitbull. There's too much it's too much is too much to really list right? But he's stayed relevant. He makes a lot of money. He's a speaker he he does a lot. He does a lot moose. How do we feel about this man? And this episode? 

Mostafa Ghonim  1:04  
yeah man, I mean definitely a true icon who's been around for quite a bit, I want to say nearly two decades and still going strong. So yeah, now I'm excited to get into this one.

Nicky Saunders  1:15  
Let's get into this intro.

Jaymie Jordan  1:18  
Two kids from Queens cut from a different cloth. Now joining forces helping you to elevate your personal brand. Yeah, I'm talking about Nicky and Moose, bringing you a never before seen perspective into the mindset, the mentality, the behaviors, the driving force. More importantly, the stories behind the people and brands that you know, love the most.

Nicky Saunders  1:47  
And you know what time it is, its review of the week. And I promised two so we're going to read this a little bit quick. Okay, so the first one, you guys keep getting better and better. This was yet another great episode. You too did a great job with this one and both of you killed it on stage. I like how yall broke down ET situation with the peloton. And you two plus Jamal were the MVPs of day two of 120 live. keep raising the bar guys. And I'm looking forward to seeing you in Chicago. And the second one is like the podcast in real life. They are dope. I went to 120 live conference. And both were speaking crazy amazing. Nicky and Moose took their time, took the time to just answer questions. And give me the game. Y'all are dope. And you have a forever supporter. You know what i mean, and shout out. Everybody who left the review, especially those who were at the 120 conference and left a review right after that was super fire. So salute to yall, salute to all our audio listeners. Video listeners or viewers, viewers not listeners. Well, listeners and viewers. You know what i mean. Salute to you. We appreciate you and everything you guys do. But moose how are we feeling?

Mostafa Ghonim  3:34  
Man, I'm pretty good. I'm I'm sitting back and I'm watching. I feel like we got a little Subway series going on. I see you with a met Jersey wearing met the Met colors. I'm repping the Yankees right now. But uh, nah I'm good, man. I'm excited. I'm excited.

Nicky Saunders  3:48  
And you're from Queens. So I'm just I'm very confused. 

Mostafa Ghonim  3:51  
i know. I know.

Nicky Saunders  3:53  

Mostafa Ghonim  3:54  
I know. I know. You know, it's funny. I contemplated buying a mat hat. Just two days ago. I was at like footlocker and I'm like, Ah, yeah. should i get a met hat? I was like, I want to get a new hat in general, man. Then I walked out getting none but almost thought about buying a met hat. Yeah,

Nicky Saunders  4:09  
but that's okay. Maybe Maybe. Low key You wish you were from the Bronx? I don't know. I'm not really sure.

Mostafa Ghonim  4:24  
No, no, no. No offense against anyone from the bronx But uh, no, no, no, no, I love queens. man who is my favorite bro by Land slide Yeah.

Nicky Saunders  4:35  
Okay. Because I don't see you rock greens. So

Mostafa Ghonim  4:42  
I mean, I wear the knicks colors. So I feel like, you know, now Yeah, but you know, I'm saying it's New York. I also I also grew up playing baseball in the 90s. And that's when the yankys were really dang good.

Nicky Saunders  4:55  
They were They were Yeah. They were but i was still a mets fan

Mostafa Ghonim  5:01  
Mets Haven't been good in a minute 

Nicky Saunders  5:04  
we suck, horrible, so bad

Mostafa Ghonim  5:09  
Oh man. Yeah,

Nicky Saunders  5:10  
 So bad, but so it is what it is. Um, maybe people just get him a Mets hat or shirt.

Mostafa Ghonim  5:20  
you know, a little sum sum

Nicky Saunders  5:23  
I don't know. But, um, quick update, because some reason, I always let people know about this little weight thing, because when I went to Mexico, I said i gained 7 pounds, right? So did you know I actually lost weight in Atlanta? So I think in total Now, hold on, because I'm not giving the actual number. So hold on. I'm not giving the actual number. Um, but I think I lost. hold on we're at, I think six pounds already. 

Mostafa Ghonim  6:03  
thats whats up, That's that's a good look. Nicks 

Nicky Saunders  6:07  
so im almost off of the Mexico vibe. That was so long ago, because I'm going back to Mexico in October, at the end of the month. So I could lose it. And so I can gain it again. I don't know. I'm gonna try to be better. But they have unlimited food. Like 24/7 the room service is whatever you want.

Mostafa Ghonim  6:40  
wow, So room service doesn't even close?.

Nicky Saunders  6:43  
No. It comes straight from the restaurant.

Mostafa Ghonim  6:48  
you gotta have discipline for that. Yeah. You gotta have a lot of discipline for that. That's different.

Nicky Saunders  6:51  
I listen. I tried to have discipline in Atlanta. It worked. Went to whole food. I got all my juices. I had salad. I was good. They tried to feed me chick fil-A No, I did go to a Cuban spot. And get some chicken and cheese empanadas and platanos, but that was still good. But I don't know about Mexico. I don't know. its crazy im not, 

Mostafa Ghonim  7:20  
stay tuned. Stay tuned.

Nicky Saunders  7:23  
Yeah, I don't know. But let's get into this episode real quick, fast in a hurry. This was requested. And we're gonna talk about it a little bit, but not in the way that yall probably think. Okay, so R Kelly is convicted of all counts after decades of accusations of abuse. I'm bringing this up for the simple fact of we always say that when we do something wrong, right, because we're humans to make sure the work overpowers the bad thing. Now, in this case, that's not possible at all. Right? And in our culture, it is almost to where some people refuse to listen to R Kelly. I know I'm one of those people that are like, ah, I can't do it. I can't do it. I cannot support this man. Now. interesting situation when ja rue and Fat Joe did versus they both have an R Kelly track that if they played would actually go and they both didn't play it. And I was going through the tracklist and I'm like, Huh, oh, what is it I can't even remember because I haven't listened to R Kelly for so long. I mean, and then I was like, Oh, this is so like, my thing is regardless of the situation, right? He's made amazing music. And it is so sad. That his personal evils and vices and everything like that is not allowing a good amount of people to listen to him intelligently and even just wanting to to the crazy catalog that he has because not only did he make his own music, he also produced and written and all this great stuff. And I'm like, man like, this is where your craft, we fall in love with the craft. Right? But you are still human, and you're still have to be held accountable for the wrongs that you do. And it's just unfortunate because, like, we try to separate, right? Like, for instance, I'm always gonna bring up Kanye, this is what I do. Um, Kanye has done some things we just don't agree about. We just we're not right. But we can always lean back on his music, like, regardless of his, his issues or his views. We look at his music, and he's still a genius. But in this case, we can't lean on R Kelly, for his genius and what he has created. Well, at least some people, not everybody, because some people can still listen to R Kelly, and can separate the two. For me, I'm only speaking for me. That its impossible. It's. It's like, how? Because when you listen to the music, you almost then start to think, was this inspired by one of those situations? So it just crushes the brand. it crushes everything you created? And I'm like, Yo, what? What? First of all, why? Second, which you will never know. Second, Do you? Do you also believe that based off, you know, what clearly has happened? Does it completely destroy the catalogue? Or it's safe to say that you could separate the two? 

Mostafa Ghonim  12:13  
yeah I mean, I don't know, in a situation like this man. I think it's a very sensitive topic, right? I mean, the fact number one, the fact that it's survived for nearly a decade or more, you know, and that's the only thing that people link when they hear his name. It's it lets you know, it's a very serious issue. So I think off the top, on a on a personal scale, that's just a reminder that there are some wrongs that you can't, right. Like, once you go down that path, there's just no coming back from it. And clearly what he did is one of them, the other side of it, and I'm not necessarily advocating for him, but I'm just thinking more so from a branding and business perspective. When I compare what you said about Kanye, and I think about, you know, R Kelly in particular, why is it that we're able to forgive Kanye? Well, Kanye kept producing, he took down the route fashion, laid off of music, came back to music, and is now doing relatively well in both of them. Right. So I think he made it difficult to stay angry at him. Because he produced more greatness. That was just undeniable.

Nicky Saunders  13:27  
And he also did it he did it in whats the word something law, he didn't break the law. There you go. Why? Why am I such a blank? Like? He didn't do that. 

Mostafa Ghonim  13:42  
Yeah, no, but I mean, you think of even just other people. And and again, this is like an I don't want to talk about R Kelly in particular, because I just think that's a super delicate situation. But I do, I do want to speak to, like I said, just the branding and business in general, it's difficult for people to forgive you or say, you know what, I'm willing to give them another chance, if you don't do more good after your mistake. And I think that's the challenge here is that in the last 10 years, that's the only thing we've heard. That's the only thing that's been talked about, when you hear his name, had he at least attempted to do some form of good weather its maybe more music a changed attitude, something again, again, and like I said, I don't want to say him because it's like, yeah, are you trying to advocate for him? Like I wont sign on that business deal, but I'm just saying that when you just look at it for black and white, it's difficult to come back to somebody after they've just been silent for an entire decade and they let the bad thing just be magnified all over the press

Nicky Saunders  14:50  
big facts. So we're not gonna touch too much. But yeah, it was requested. So it is what it is. On a positive note, his ex wife follows me hey draya love you. Onto the next one, which I found very funny. And we can make this into a quick little lesson. A DJ envy from The Breakfast Club is being sued by Coachella. Okay. I think this year or last year, he changed his car show and called the cartella. And he actually was on The Breakfast Club not too long ago, speaking about it, saying, hey, um, I asked my lawyers, I have lawyers in several states, I asked them, they said, shouldn't be a problem. Charlemagne said I'm going to get sued, and come to find out, get sued. But my lawyers say, I have a good chance, like, I have a good chance. And if we win, this is actually great for a lot of small businesses. And the funny thing is that Angela, and Charlemagne was like, yo, just just change the name. It's not even that deep. It really the fonts the same. The the cello, like it's, it's too similar. right. But DJ envy, like went through the trademark all that great stuff, and it got approved. Um, but still got sued. So I wanted to bring this up, because there's a lot of people who are starting new businesses or starting new products, ventures, things like that. And it's almost impossible to come up with a name that isn't used like the names that we instantly come up with. We look it up trademarked, the websites taken. If we do find a website that costs $10,000 is this wait What? So how am I supposed so am I supposed to say if I wanted to do New York, I'm supposed to put a n and then the E, but is a three like the, the common, you always want to think about names as something that people can easily spell easily say, but those are all taken. So now if I could spin off of something that people already know, and then just put, like, combined it, because it's already taken, but I'm not necessarily taking that particular name whats the problem. Now I say just stay clear of it. Like, with all if you can just stay far, far away. I, me and my team struggle with names all the time, all the time, to the point where the best practice is like you have to come up with like three words, right? I'm coming up with four or five words, just whenever I don't really care anymore, because it's all taken. So I wanted your take on this, where should he fight for it? And what is your experiences with trying to figure out a name and this that and the third, because I'll give my example, the whole beastmode thing and how I had to change.

Mostafa Ghonim  18:44  
yeah I still remember that I mean, but you know what this too reminds me of the Michael B. Jordan situation because that was a similar conversation where he named his brand, I think not necessarily something that was already used, but it just had different meaning and a different culture. And that created kind of some backlash. So it reminds me a very similar situation. But when it comes to this one, I don't know that it's worth it. Right. Like when I think of DJ envy, I don't necessarily think of car shows. So if it was something down your lane, like it's what you're known for, it's your specialty. It's what makes you you, by all means maybe it's worth the legal battle, because you're like, Hey, this is about DJing This is about radio show. This is about music, then I would say you know what? Yeah, I'm with you put your dollars behind it, get that name because it is what makes you you are you've contributed enough to that industry. You want that all back, but something, something as it relates to cars, that seems to me, at least the way I've seen him talk about other than branded, it's more of a hobby is that he's turned into an event that I don't know nicks that it's worth going into a legal battle to get it straightened out, you know, and I think that other part that shows that the idea or the name might lack some level of originality is, well, it's, it's using the same font. You know, like if it was like nah it was honest, just kind of name maybe, I don't know, subconsciously I was I was thinking of the concert and thought it'd be a good idea to bridge the two together. But the fact that the font is also very similar, it lets you know that you intentionally wanted to ride off of that, you know, idea with Coachella, of course. And that's kind of what created that. So I don't know, for me, I say, when you're going into it, if it's if it's in your industry, it's what you're known for. I think in that case, yeah, you can justify a legal battle. But if it's a hobby, I don't know that it's worth it.

Nicky Saunders  20:45  
Well, I think when when we think of envy, of course, we think of, I think in this order, Breakfast Club. DJ, clearly, real estate, and then cars, because he does have a good amount of cars. And he, he is no, like you say, as a hobby, and how it monetized his hobby, with the cars. Absolutely true. Um, but I think with it being the hobby, and, you know, though, he is definitely respected in the car community, it doesn't out weigh, the power that you have with The Breakfast Club, and, you know, with real estate and things like that, if it was a name you came up with for them. Absolutely. But if it's for a hobby, I would, I would have to agree because I mean, listen, and like I said, I had to change my business name. From the beginning, we were called beastmode Digital, and nobody was called beastmode. Digital now beast mode was taken marshawn Lynch, trademarked it all that great stuff. But there wasn't anything towards a media space. And that's where, how some of these people are able to trademark and use these names. Because if it's done in a different industry, you can still do it. Now, somebody had a similar, not the same. Not exactly beast mode digital, but something similar, that if we was to trade market, it could, like depending who their lawyers are, it could be an issue. And that's what I found out from a legal standpoint. It really just depends how serious they want to get it. Like, are they that anal that they want to stick lawyers on you? Depending how big you grow? And, you know, and I'm like, so this isn't even really a true requirement. This is just more if they feel annoyed that they they feel like you're a threat, then they'll stick the lawyers out on you. I don't like legal. im not a fan of it.

Mostafa Ghonim  23:13  
 Yeah, no, that makes sense. And I think I think you know, what's funny is that as I think I thought about your situation as it relates to the name, and I feel like the fact that you extended the name a little bit, it actually gives more context to what you do. So in a way, I think, you know, it's been beneficial. So it's interesting to see what happens on that side.

Nicky Saunders  23:36  
Well, that was deeper than the brand. Envy, DJ envy. If you ever listened to this podcast, we appreciate you. The car cartel looked amazing. But we agree with your co hosts just change the name we'll be there anyways, doesn't matter about the name is what you do. You do a very well, so just change the name. Did you see a sidenote did you see that he is doing is going back to his seminars in real estate. And Jamal King is going to be part of the seminar. 

Mostafa Ghonim  24:19  
i sure did. I sure did. I'm like oh, wow, our very own Black Panther. Right. And this in New York. Oh, that's a must support Yeah, that's major. That's super major

Nicky Saunders  24:35  
may have to may have to show up. I may have to pull up. Yeah, I may have to show love. But the problem with me showing love is that they expect me to work. Sometimes I just want to show love.

Mostafa Ghonim  24:49  
And I just be there as an attendee. I just help out

Nicky Saunders  24:52  
their like Nicki capture this and I'm like, this is why I don't show up. So it's not that I'm not supportive. I just Don't feel like working. Like I could never go to a place with E never just to be like, supportive. There's no way there's absolutely no way. And it's the same with mal. mal is going to be like hey nicky did you capture that? no , no, I didn't want to be a human or can I be a human? Anyway, I'm just saying, it's just how I feel.

Mostafa Ghonim  25:26  
thats what happens when you're good at what you do, man, I guess there was, it's difficult to take off.

Nicky Saunders  25:31  
I know, I know. Um, last part of what's poppin is going to be very quick. It just proves that anything is possible. All right, if y'all can remember a few episodes back. We were talking about Gary Vee, and the whole NFT project that he has with vee friends well. Those little doodles that we were talking about that had already sold millions digitally, he now sold five of those those those doodles, not digital, literally doodle them handed into Christie's auction auction, which is a huge art auction, right? And he made $1.2 million for our YouTube viewers, you can see a little bit of it, right of the parrot. We've shown it like I said, go back to that episode, we shown some of the drawings, they're they're really just doodles they legit doodles. a five year old, can do better. But I got to respect Gary Vee for this one. Because he literally said, Look, anything is possible with this digital world, and with this whole NFT thing. So let me show you that I can create my own little Disney World off of trash looking characters, because it symbolizes something deeper, then what is face value? For that, I gotta say, its genius for that. Not like I said not from the face value of how they look. But the fact that he took this idea and was able to already capitalize on it in a very new market with NFT's and then said you know what? I saw one of my favorite artists people already sell his on Christie's for 60 something million dollars. Who's to say that this particular drawing to someone is art, and they won't buy it as well. And in which they did like he did a live about it and it was like you get here 50,000 60,000 it makes you sit and think like, why am I not doodling? Why are there certain things that I overthink? And that I think are not going to work when clearly he makes everything possible. And he that Logan Paul, the Paul brothers, they make everything possible. We're in a generation and an age that as cliche as it sounds, anything is possible. So instead of just like nah, this is not gonna work. Try it. you could make $1.2 million off of you doodling on some stuff. tie your shoe, make it look dope. I don't know. It's we're just in a different because this couldn't happen. This couldn't happen before. No, no, no, no. theres No way.

Mostafa Ghonim  29:03  
Absolutely not. But yeah, no, go ahead. Yeah, no, I was gonna say I mean, this is phenomenal. Like, shout out to him for I think as of late, he's really been passionate about like, yo, let me show you how I can simplify it. And still, I still hit the mark. Yeah, you know, so it's, it's been cool to kind of see him do that with the garage sales and, you know, some of these different ideas. But to break it down to that, that's next level, what I will, what I do want to say quickly, too, is I hope people don't overlook how long he's been serving and putting out content for though. You know, like he was one of the first people on Twitter, I think, to reach a million followers. So he's been online for a very long time. So that just shows that if you can just be committed to the long haul journey of this thing and really say, you know what, I'm going to serve my audience. I'm going to serve my community, I'm going to be dedicated to just documenting my journey. You, it's not far fetched to say that there's going to be another platform or another technology or something else that release sometime down the line that your people are going to spike the value of it. Because what's the difference between, you know, somebody, somebody's just doing a quick doodle like that and a Gary Vee doodle? Is that to say that there's gonna sell for 1.2 as well? Well, no, the, the value of the audience, the value of the community is what spiked it, right. So I think I think that I just don't want people to overlook, like, wow, like just a doodle. Sold for that much money know, the value is in serving the community and staying consistent for over a decade by continuing to show up and adapt to the different trends in the different platforms. And of course, I want to say that having a team makes it easier. But that's a part of somebody wanting to invest back into this content space or this medium to keep making it bigger and bigger. So yeah, I think it's important to highlight that piece to

Nicky Saunders  31:03  
next. Yeah. And you touched on something really important, like, there are people who is rooting for him, like, he has built a community, but there is also just people that are just really rooting for people who are just putting themselves out there and trying something new. Like I could, I could imagine that maybe one of those buyers, were just somebody who just respected the movement. Like I see what you're doing. And you're making kids think that anything that they could create Disney, like it just wasn't one man like you can make characters to. And so I support that. So let me whatever I can do to support it. And that's, I think, also that's what's really good about now, is that there's more people who honestly will support you than necessarily hate on you. Mm, yeah. It's very shocking. Once you put yourself out there. There may be some doubters, absolutely. There's doubters everywhere. But there are a lot more people who just want to see you win, then necessarily, like, try to stop you from by any means. Especially if it's if it's good if it's creative. So, shout out to Gary Vee. You're making everybody inspired off of the doodles because I was alright, I'm doing something wrong. There's something wrong. I don't know stick figures. Yeah. Let's get into this break down. Pit Bull. Ah, worth 100 mil. Wow. different businesses, like his his own chain of restaurants. vodka, tequila, cruise lines, his own media company. I don't know what this man does not do. As well as being one of the best crossover artists because went from pure rap to a whole international star that is always on New Year's with a new song. Like, what what do you? How old are you, sir? Wait, wait, seriously, seriously, super relevant. Don't get it. Don't understand it right? But moose sent me a clip on Instagram. That was like, You know what, we need to bring back some of these breakdowns. Because pitbull doesn't get the flowers that he truly deserves. So at least over here, we're gonna do it. Show the clip that inspired this whole whole breakdown. 

Unknown Speaker  34:13  
where when people talk about a household name and when you work so hard to get to a certain level you Google pitbull right now i come up before the dog.

Nicky Saunders  34:25  
quick and simple.

Mostafa Ghonim  34:26  
awh man, That's a bar.

Nicky Saunders  34:29  
Yeah, moose start it off

Mostafa Ghonim  34:32  
Yeah, my man said obviously. And for those who didn't catch it, his name is Pitbull like the dog. But he's saying that he's putting so much work into the industry and become a household name that when you Google Pitbull, he the artist comes up before the dog the pit bull breed, which is just crazy. Like I mean, outside of the fact. That's a super bar. Right?

Nicky Saunders  34:58  
I'm looking Yeah, right now.

Mostafa Ghonim  35:00  
That's great. Yeah, test that for us. Let's make sure that actually does. I mean

Nicky Saunders  35:07  
Pit Bull Hold up. Yall, can see it. that's crazy. No dogs no dogs. Yeah, just a cuban just a cuban

Mostafa Ghonim  35:17  
not for nothing you're talking about the Western world that is absolute dog lovers you know I'm saying like you're talking about a society that loves pets, and you're able to come up ahead of them. So now my point is man like, you got to you got to really think big picture for something like that, right? Like it. That means there's consistent work that has gone into it, that he's so relevant. So like when you heard us talk about some of these examples previous we're using R Kelly and some of these other people, like clearly hear someone on the other end of the spectrum, that I don't I don't know that you heard of any scandals, or any accusations, or any craziness tied to putbull's name, but just head strong head down, continuing to work, continuing to work. And then you look up and you hear something like this on an interview. And it's like, dang, it makes us feel like yeah, we've probably underappreciated this guy's artistry in his talent a little bit. Let's kind of go back and pay tribute. So now for me, I just heard that and I'm like, okay, that's fire. We got to, we might need to, we might need to touch on that.

Nicky Saunders  36:23  
But it's also crazy. Because going back to something that I said at 120. It's like, what is the work that you're doing? That populates on Google? Right? Like, in all actuality, Google is just curating other people's content just puts it in one central hub about who you are. And pitbull totally understood that and was like, You know what, I'm going to control what Google says about pitbull I'm not gonna let the dog beat me. Like when you look up this particular name, I'm going to come up based off the music I've made, the business moves I've done the people I've helped hes opened schools, you know, I'm just staying relevant throughout the years and and i look at that like Yo, you are in true control of what the world sees about you because of your work ethic. Like you don't allow other people to narrate your own story you narrate that based off your work ethic So I love that particular clip that you just gave me because it's like it totally goes with what I said with your the you you control what Google comes up with. And to sit there and say I'm beat a very popular animal a very popular animal I was just a Cuban in Miami. Love to rap. And now I'm this I think that's I think that's great. But then, so I realized that was on drink champs and I looked more into that interview shout out to drink champs yeah have one best interview podcast out there hands down give you that right um but he was talking about the views and being on other people's platforms and how we need to control more of that somehow someway so this is what he said on drink champs

Unknown Speaker  38:53  
I got close to at this point 20 billion views on YouTube official right so but if I had $1 appreciate yall clapping it up but you're being salami boys at this point. Clap it up when each one of them are worth $1 and I come back with $20 billion there's a bunch of views to make some other company a bunch of bread that at the end of the day we're the driving force so it goes back to that independent mentality it goes back to what Luke drove in me we can run a network we can run them boys this to cut a certain deal, but everybody's so caught up in his vanity and this bullshit and if you look at the name is called followers and likes I never been around followers and likes I've been around leaders and unique I run around people thats different 

Nicky Saunders  39:37  
Listen, listen. Hmm, ah, um, let me start this one off. So first off, The vanity metrics is a real thing. We we get very hype. And he has all reason to be hype. He said 10 billion, like 20. Yeah, 20 billion, not 1000s 100 1000s, not millions, billions, right? Just on YouTube that has nothing to do with streaming that has nothing to do with the social, other social media platforms that's just on YouTube, which is crazy. And to even understand that, because you have that amount, you probably don't even get paid the true value that it's worth, because it's on somebody else's platform that does understand paying creators, but doesn't give them their worth. So now, he's looking at his, okay, I can't get the bread here. Now I got to become independent. So this is when now he's an independent artist, but before it clearly was on a on a record label. And, you know, things had to be dished out, where he still doesn't get the amount of money that he truly deserves. He took his own route. And now he could look at YouTube, like, that's cool. But I should be getting possibly $1 more off of each stream. Now if I got that it makes sense. So why don't we all come together as artists as what podcasters entrepreneurs, lets all come together and create our own network and bring all the money back to us? instead of always relying on these different platforms. Now we could get very caught up because, yeah, YouTube has paid people, millions of dollars. We've went over where an eight year old and nine year old has made millions of dollars. tik tok, teenagers are making millions of dollars. Facebook, we talked about how country Wayne was making a gwop of money based off it. So we like he said, is the driving force of their traffic of the reason why they even have money to even dish out to creators, because without us, they're nothing. The funny thing is, he broke it down to there's only two places that reference people's as users. And that's social media. And the drug game. Crazy. Wow. Wow. So in social media, they actually downplay who we are by calling us users and followers. Right? But in real life, we're not called that. In real life, we're supposed to understand our true titles and our true worth. But in social media, were only looked at as these two particular things. Right? And he they were referencing, what was it that Netflix thing, social dilemma, or something like that? Watch it. Um, and the fact that social media keeps us such in a high, he was like, Look, I was on Instagram. Before Instagram was there. Somebody gave me 20. I gave her an Instagram. I was like, Oh, you're dumb. You're dumb. You're dumb. But he was like, that same gram made the person Hi. These platforms are keeping them. They're keeping them in a digital high. And I'm like, you got a point, sir. You have a point. As much as I love social media. Mm hmm. You have a point. But what can we do? And this is what I want to have conversation. What can we do that

we then take back the power and get our true value. Like I know there is a platform called fan base that is trying to truly give creators what they're worth based off their, their content. So think it was Isaac Hayes, the third who created this platform, and every feature that you've seen whether it's from the audio from clubhouse lives post, right? He's like, you're able to monetize it all. So instead of wanting followers, you're literally getting paid from your fans. Like you want fans, you want a tribe, you don't want followers, followers are just going to watch whatever you want to do. But I rather have a strong 1000 fans that pay for my content, then hundreds and hundreds of 1000s that just look at it. So it's, it's interesting to see, like how passionate pitbull is about it. And it makes sense because of all the the ventures and the deals that he's done. He understands the influence, and he understands the power of what he's done. But I'm like, how can we change that?

Mostafa Ghonim  45:57  
Yeah, so let me let me kind of give you a couple of my points, right, even before we speak to the how, right? Because I've thought about this for a while. And wanting to be in like my politically correct self, or my politically correct ways. I've kind of refrained from saying it. And I don't mean this in a bad way. So I hope it's not, you know, taken out of context for those who know me. But I do believe that, to some extent, social media is the modern day slavery. All right, let me tell you why I say that. let me tell you why I say that

Nicky Saunders  46:28  
drink hard on that one.

Mostafa Ghonim  46:29  
Let me show you why. Yeah, but let me tell you why. The reason is, when you think of like, those historical times, and not to compare something that's like way, crazy for some people to what it is, but it was just free labor. Yeah, right, free labor, or labor that was extremely underpaid. So when you think about today, and we've did this one time on one of our lives, where we were like joking around and looking into our analytics and our screen time to see how much time was spent on social media and granted it to some extent, to a large extent, especially more so for you than I yeah, you make a living using social Yes, right. But but to think about what these vanity metrics have done to the human psyche, or just to everyday people, you have become so engraved into social, right, and you've put so much time into creating content for social and to thinking about how you're going to appear on social or how to utilize these platforms, and you're not getting paid for the most part for at least in the beginning, you're not getting paid. And for some of the very few creators who do hit that mark, even with some of the bonuses for the lives, or some of the badges, it's still not worth the value of that creators time or talent. So when I look at it, it's like, yo, but what are they doing, they're able to utilize all of these metrics to get you to spend a lot of time on the platform to get more people to watch things on the platform with you, especially when you're sharing, you know, content or videos or sending someone a meme. So they've almost employed you for free. Now few people a little bit like a select few are able to get smart and say you know what, I'm going to monetize the attention. And whether I'm going to use it as a business channel, I'm going to take the opportunity to really leverage what most people are doing or coming for a select group of people who might be coming for education, entertainment, some some form of something to make more of it, which is great. Now to get to the final part of it, which is you're saying like how do we do it? I think more and, and it almost relies on the community's backing, but more of us need to create our own platforms and or studios, right. So I think of someone like Kev on stage, who took a huge leap to say, you know what, I'm going to start my own, almost like company or production company, like a studio to create all of this stuff for myself. But the second piece of that for it to successfully happen and people to start to finally get monetized for their time and their talent, the community needs to start backing that now is to say, you know what, I'm going to invest in something although I can get it for cheaper or less less money over here, because of the idea of I want to break the system that historically has kept that huge pay gap where a big company can take advantage of your 20 billion views. But you're only worth $100 million so so when you when you weigh it and then of course you're gonna have those people who are like, oh, but if you came from nothing, 100 million is a great come up. So like, it's gonna be an Almost a never ending debate. But to me, I just think if we're looking to level the playing field, it's got to get to that point where we're starting to say, Alright, create your own, start your own platform, or production. And we need to as a society, or even just as everyday consumers, we need to start appreciating and respecting people who do that, and not necessarily keep, you know, the attention on the big three, the Facebook, the tick tock, the Instagram, whatever the case may be. So again, extreme example, but but but to some extent, you've got to think about it like, yo, what's the difference? There's a lot of us who are putting so much time and effort and and all we're doing is helping them to promote their platform and their channels to make it bigger, but we're not getting our fair share,

Nicky Saunders  50:46  
righ And that's why I can respect platforms like Patreon fan base,i know one came up to me viably like there's just these different platforms to allow content creators to make the money that they possibly deserve. And they only take a small percentage, or a flat fee of some sort. So there is ways and I in this the thing, like, as much of a social media person that I am I respect everybody has to get paid, right? If not, if I'm letting you do this for free, you know, of course, like, its probably not going to be much of your favor. It's really about understanding how to leverage it. How do you take this free platform? How do you leverage the attention to get them off of it? Eventually, right? So if you could master that, you can be able to appreciate the free but create a paid like you have and just content creators altogether rule the world, in, in this year, right and past years, but definitely this year. And so we're looking at content from how the moon rises to the how a zebra is waking up to a man trying to capture an alligator in a garbage in the garbage can. Wild Right? Absolutely wild, I hope you guys saw that isaiah in their social media clips, find that out for me, right? But everything is content. This is what we live off of those people who are producing it, have a huge amount of power and leverage that most of them do not truly understand and need to tap into, and find different ways to create a paywall that I understand I need this platform, but I make my money off of this platform. Sometimes it doesn't always. Now the goal is to create your own system. Absolutely. But there are platforms. Until then, like I said, a Patreon and a fan base that will help you get some coins until possibly you have your own app, possibly till you have your own website with a membership. You know, option. Those are types goals for content creators, but everybody is making money off of social media. You just have to be smart on how that's awesome. Yeah. But last clip of the day, night, afternoon, whenever you listen to this, or watch this, I did this for moose. So little structured, feel me. I'm going to talk about success, success and what is pitbulls meaning or pathway to success.

Unknown Speaker  54:14  
And I have these three steps of success I was just talking about them in the other room and you start with succeed succeed is to make it everybody says is the easy part is the easiest part, but it's not easy. Okay. Success is the second part, which is maintain it. That's the tough part. And once you understand how to do all that, then you become successful, right? But in those three words, if you look at them, they all have the word suck because the more you grow, the more they suck

Nicky Saunders  54:45  
facts, Moose what you think?.

Mostafa Ghonim  54:50  
I love it. I love it. I love it. Yeah, I was just looking up something on my phone because I took a screenshot of this actually, I don't know if it was last week or the week before but You know, we've been following the stock market, you know, at least at least consistently for quite some while for quite some time. And it said the 500 richest people in the world lost the combined $135 billion. Elon Musk alone loss 7.2 billion, right? And that's in one day in one day when the stocks crash. So so when I when I think of, you know, when I hear that, you know what pitbuls shared it, it's like, yo, it's true. What we don't account for sometimes is that for, for these individuals to make big game, they also take the biggest losses, you got to think about that to cat like to close the day and be like, Oh, you don't say it was a rough day? Oh, man, what happened? Oh, yeah. i Lost seven, Bill. That's a different kind of talk, you know, I'm saying like, and I think that's the part that we got to start thinking about, like, Okay, if you want to play on a certain level, that's what that's why I respect people like pit bull. Like, you're, you've got $100 million net worth, and you're saying, but based on what I'm calculating, I should really be up to 20 billion. And it's like, okay, that's a different level of thinking, that's just a different way of seeing the world, to know how to evaluate your situation and your circumstance and say, No, even if I have a lot, I know what I truly deserve. And even if I don't have so much, whatever the case might be, I take a lot of loss, but I'm still able to carry the weight carried a burden and keep going. So for me, when I see stuff like that, it's just like, if you want to be a heavy hitter, you just got to get the shoulders up a little bit like be ready to carry the weight.

Nicky Saunders  56:41  
right, that's heavy talk feel me?. I think the one thing that stood out to me was the maintaining part. Right? He said it like it's not, it's not hard to not, not hard, but it's not impossible to succeed. It's the maintaining part that we see time and time people could shoot all the way up. But can they stay consistent? Can they maintain that success, you may get six, seven figures, one time for the one time, but can, you keep it, that's where if you really master that, that that's the successful part. Because I believe, and let me be cliche with if we put our minds to anything we can get there. Right? proper resources, proper connections, like, money isn't hard to make. However, to keep it, we look at lottery winners, people who get those million dollar joints, and they become broke, because they don't know how to maintain these riches, when they receive is so quickly. So I actually have a question for you of like, from your level of success so far How do you maintain? Like, what is one thing that you've learned to help maintain the status that you have? 

Mostafa Ghonim  58:35  
yeah i think it's two things. For me. The first one is don't stop doing what you did. To get you there. Alright. So like each of us, we've done something, right? that got us to that level of success, it becomes very easy to stop doing that very same thing. For one, we might think we're better, or we're bigger, or we don't got to do that anymore, because we're on another level. But I truly believe that no matter what level of success you get to there's something about you, right? That or what you did that allowed you to achieve that type of success. So to some extent, yeah, you got to delegate. Yeah, you got to expand Yeah, you've got to scale, but but continue to do the thing that you can that you did originally, to get to attract the success. That's the simplest way I say it. And I think the other one is, stay close to the details, right? Like, I can't tell you how many times I've worked with certain individuals, and I tell them, hey, what are your numbers like? And by numbers, I mean, like, what are the actual figures of what checks you cash what's coming in what's going out, and they have no idea like, and it's not about the money, like I'm not just making it about monetary things, but you got to still be diligent over what you've been trusted with, right? Like you got to actually care and nurture for what you have, but you can't just, you know expect to continue to attain a certain level of success without nurturing it without feeding it without caring for what you have and what you develop. So I think it's really those two simple things Nick is, is do what you did that got you there. And when you're there, continue to care for it. Like don't become reckless with it. You know, don't become lazy with it, like continue to care and monitor what's happening because you never want to catch a mistake too late because some of those you don't know you can bounce back from

Nicky Saunders  1:00:37  
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Mostafa Ghonim  1:02:00  
Yeah, I want to bring this one back, man. I mean, might have said it on the show. If I haven't, I want to bring it back. But I came across something that said the difference between who you are and who you want to be, is what you do. Right, the difference between who you are and who you want to be, is what you do. Now I want to remind you today, whenever you're listening to this for this week, to catch the moment between what happens to you and how you respond to it. Because for many of us, we think that there's a just an automatic feature that we just got to respond the same way every single time. But we have a power. We have a power and that power is to choose so when you want to decide choose greatness