May 23, 2023

Episode 138 - Why Can’t I Be Vulnerable: Our Mental Health Journeys

In this episode of Nicky and Moose, they create a safe space for discussion about mental health.



What You Will Learn


  • Behaviors To Avoid


  • Successful Behaviors 




“How you think about things, will drive your behaviors.”




Things To Avoid


  • Overthinking 
  • Doubt
  • Fear




Nicky & Moose Takeaways 



  • There’s no age limit in regards to working on your mindset! 



  • Slow progress is better than no progress. Strive for improvement each day.



  • Understand that everything has a process to becoming better. Acknowledge where you’re at currently, then begin to build intentionally from there. Don’t be afraid to move forward. 



  • “Don’t allow people to penalize you for your growth and success. Whether it’s big, small or indifferent, find ways to be happy for others.”



  • Learn to become comfortable in vulnerability with people you trust. 



  • Keep communication open with people who care about you. 







1) What are you doing for the betterment of your mind? Your mind is a muscle that needs exercising! 


  • Mind Strengthening Exercises?
  • Daily Routines?



2) How would you currently rate your mental health on a scale of 1-10? What actions would you incorporate to improve or maintain your score?



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