Aug. 16, 2022

Episode 98 - Without Content You Don’t Have A Brand

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In this episode of Nicky & Moose, they discuss how to add longevity to creating content by staying consistent, effectively planning, staying true to yourself, and having a clear goal and process for your brand. 


What You Will Learn 

  • How to meet the promise you made when marketing through you’re process.
  • Whether you should meet the needs of customers vs creating something new. 
  • Differentiating wants and needs for your brands direction.


6:15 - “There is impact in consistency.” 


9:30 - Giving your audience an explanation to why your creative break occurred is a way to build trust with your community. 


16:01 - Explanation of ways to schedule postings for your content. Later is good for YouTube postings while Creators Studio is useful for Facebook an Instagram. 


19:35 - Discussion of Gary Vee’s perspective on consistently posting content. 


22:56 - Discussion of ways to effectively create content. Your style is often found when being authentically you. 


28:30 - Are you concerned with how people are perceiving you? “People who are winning aren’t having those thoughts.” 


32:45 - What’s the heart of your brand? It keeps you honest & provides passion to keep going. Especially when it’s hard to continue progressing forward. 


43:45 - Continue to keep working on what you’re good at. Pick your own goals and not what others think you should do. 


46:20 - Discussion on the Influencer vs the Product. “Influencer brings you to the first purchase, but the product keeps you coming back.”  


Creative Takeaways

  • Breaks are good to recharge the mind. 
  • Strategize ways to make & spread out content for weeks at a time.
  • Are you clear on what the process is for the goals you’ve set?
  • Is the product your seeking a want that turns into a need?
  • “The only time you lose is when you quit.”


Listener Perks

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