July 25, 2023

Episode 147 - Your Personal Brand CAN Launch a Successful Business: Here's How!

Episode 147 - Your Personal Brand CAN Launch a Successful Business: Here's How!

In this episode of Nicky and Moose, they discuss strategies to grow & start a new brand. 


What You Will Learn


  • The status of Threads


  • How to add value to a corporation. 


  • How to launch a business or another brand on top of your brand. 



What’s Poppin! 


Nicky talks about the status of Threads and how the usage rate has declined in consecutive weeks. 


Did You Know


  • Twitter has 230 million active users?


  • Threads has a million users downloading the app? 


  • You can make six figures tweeting on Twitter. 


Moose highlights the discipline needed in order to be prepared for opportunities you want. He uses the American Inter Miami Soccer team as an example in their pursuit of Lionel Messi for four years, who has increased their overall value. 


Would you invest three years to make your one big move?


Creator Of The Week 


Brock Johnson is an Instagram Coach who creates helpful quality content. 


Brock’s Focal Points For Growth


  • Niche down. You can’t appease everyone.


  • Be honest with your content. 


  • Share your real values, opinions and beliefs. 


  • Be yourself!



Blueprint - Launching Businesses Or Brands Based Off Personal Brands


  • Establish great relationships to build a trusted company. 


  • People will follow if you can show success from a previous product, experience or brand.


  • Building credibility takes consistent content creating for your audience. 


  • Leverage the momentum that you’ve created! Look for effective ways to gain new opportunities. 



Steps For Crrating Additional Brands


  1. Build personal brand first. 
  2. Have brand alignment with additional brand or business. 
  3. Be intentional with creating and posting content. 


What traction & interest does your brand currently have?


This Or That - Are We Being Pimped On Social Media?


What are your thoughts on the current state of social media marketing use?


  • Use social media tools strategically to gain an empowering advantage. 


  • Take advantage of the free tools that’s available for use. 


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