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Nehemiah Davis is an award-winning author, entrepreneur and philanthropist born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At just 31 years of age, his accomplishments to-date exemplifies the defiance of all the odds stacked against him from birth. His father has been in prison for committing murder since Nehemiah was just 2 years old. Raised in this tough world by his mother and grandmother he endured several challenges that included being kicked out of high school, kicked out of college and fired from ten jobs. However, at age 21 his life changed for the better and his decision to take action resulted in him starting his first business and has dedicated his life to serving others through the Nehemiah Davis Foundation which was started in 2007 by Nehemiah and his mother.

To-date the organization has served over 60,000 homeless citizens, seniors citizens and youth all around the world. In addition to traveling to 47 countries, being awarded and recognized around the world, Nehemiah’s most recent accomplishments includes receiving the Steve Harvey’s Good Neighbor award for 2016 and receiving the President’s volunteer service award at the White House. Nehemiah also co-founded a movement to help get 60,000 bottles of waters to the citizens in Flint Michigan during their urgent water crisis.

The Nehemiah Davis Foundation feeds the homeless weekly and facilitates eight annual events spanning from a back-to-school event, a Thanksgiving and a Christmas event all designed in the spirit of supporting those in need. As an author of three books, Nehemiah has recently started his own publishing company to help other upcoming authors reach their goals to publish their work.

Lastly, earlier this year Nehemiah opened a community center in his neighborhood which offers several free programs for the youth including a writing work shop, guitar lessons, sewing lessons and vocal lessons.Nehemiah’s mission is to help other people become the best they can be through his tireless philanthropic and entrepreneurial work.

Jan. 10, 2023

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