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Brandon “BrandonShotMe” Dixon

Brandon, is an expert videographer and business owner. Brandon has single-handedly turned video content into profit for serial-entrepreneurs across the country and abroad. He now shares his expertise across several platforms and is a featured speaker at conferences to aid business owners in creating engaging content.

Desiring to coach and mentor other business owners he became part-owner of The Entrepreneurship Complex in Atlanta -- a content studio and multi-use space designed for existing and up and coming talent in the entrepreneurial space. Through the E-Complex he is afforded the opportunity to guide entrepreneurs on creative ways to streamline and grow their businesses. He also serves as the lead facilitator and course instructor of the Shooters Camp hosting a 6-week intensive camp on photography, videography, and entrepreneurship.

July 19, 2022

Episode 94 - How I Went From BROKE To MILLIONAIRE With A Camera w/ Br…

This week Nicky Saunders And Moose Ghonim sit down with expert videographer and business owner Brandon “BrandonShotMe” Dixon. Bra…

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