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Always 🔥 Always dropping 💎‘s

Nothing but greatness in every episode

Every episode has been nothing but greatness. When Nicky drop anything it’s bound to be worth listening too or getting. Thank you both this podcast. #GODSPEED -HENDO

Much appreciated

Just wanted to say thank you for all the gems you two are giving in these episodes. I’ve listened to the Floyd episode and the Rick Ross episode so far and I came across Nicky’s page on IG from the explore page. It was one of her messages about branding I honestly believe the universe put your page let alone the podcast in my sights to help me grown my brand. Very much appreciated, thank you for taking the time to record these episodes.

S2S Spinoff

hey guys! my name is LBreezie from Cali/LA and I been on ETA'nem from a self development standpoint, so im familiar with u, i literally just started listening and my creative ideas are already blastin off from a branding and business aspect! i'm lovin it & lookin forward to many more glad i found out about the podcast! anybody that rock wit ET im listening and soaking up ALL the Gems!!!

Nicky is the truuuuth!

I'm new, but I'm obsessed! Found this podcast in the category of "New Best-Sellers" on iTunes, so shout out to them for that! Excited to tap in! Have followed Nicky on Instagram for a while, so loving getting to learn from her beyond that platform!


I am absolutely speechless with how amazing and inspiring this Episode was. Love how ET talked so highly of studying the Book Of You! Yesss Yesss and Yesss!

This duo is simply necessary.

I’ll keep this short. There isn’t anything to say about Nicky that hasn’t already been said about Obama purrriod!


I’m loving this episode and all the nuggets CJ dropped! 🔥🔥

You guys keep getting better and better!

This episode was meant for me to hear. You two did a great job with this one and CJ dropped gem after gem! This is an episode I will play repeatedly as I ramp up into 2021. My episode surpassed the LeBron James one as my new favorite. Keep raising the bar guys! -Aaron, @aarontheartist


This has got to be my absolute FAVORITE episode thus far!!! I felt like Karl was talking directly to me because this is my life. I have already listened to this episode a couple of times. I so needed this , I need to MOVE MY MASS!!!

Favorite episode

I could relate so much to Karl because I am very introverted! Having Karl on the Podcast was incredible and this one is probably my favorite one! Love the tips he provided and all the authenticity!

Great content

Wow, the gems dropped are amazing. I thank y’all for creating a space for others to share their experiences and for sharing such knowledge. I especially love the episode with Karl. I’m a high S, high C and I definitely catch myself in a supportive role and just going at a MUCH slower pace than I need to. I also find myself doubting the decisions I may make. He encouraged me to do better for myself and for those connected to me: start with where I'm at and stay consistent at it. Stop fearing others and just do the assignment I’ve been put on earth to do. My Judge is God, not others. So I’m definitely about to take action because at the end of the day, I’ll have to share what I’ve done with Him. Thanks Karl for sharing your story. Thanks Nicky and Moose for utilizing this platform to help others. Keep the content coming! Let’s go!!

Karl is the Goat

Content was so rich man I was transformed by this episode.

Hidden Gems!!!

Woah, what an amazing Podcast! There’s so many gems in this Podcast and they’re so chill while doing it. Keep on rocking, y’all are killin’ it!

Who needs t v anymore?

This podcast is entertaining, educational and raw! The topics are broken down in a way thats so helpful for people to understand!! So inspiring 👏🙌

For the culture

Social media culture needs Nicky and Moose. Value! Value! Value is what they provide and from an amazing perspective. The sky is the limit.... #textsquad #replaysquad

More 🔥

Every week is full of value! This podcast is like a toolbox and I’m ready to go to work! Let’s goooooo!

The Best

Hands down best content. Build your business build your brand, they are sharing all the great ideas to get ahead. Thank you for dropping the 💎💎💎💎💎💎


Every episode is packed with value after value. Keep it coming

Love Nicky and Moose

Love this perspective on titles! Amazing episode as always!

Crackhead vibes

I have to listen to every episode about 3 or 4 times, I have to tune in to Nicky’s lives (*cough* we need to get moose on a live camera *cough*) ... definitely a major shift on how I view marketing and branding. Definitely helped me mold my current system. Thank you! #TeamAirTrafficControl #TeamUnstructred

One of the Best Podcast outside from the S2S podcast

Love it❗️ Love it ❗️ Love it❗️always adding grand


Do you know how people listen to music in their headphones and do strange things? Me! I'm PEOPLE DOING STRANGE THINGS!! I don't know anything about sports, but the gems yall drop feel like I'm in the game running the quarterback down the center field goal! Whatever that means. Yall have a community of dope! Salute, and Thanks for everything you guys do! Bless up!


What an amazing viewpoint on Drake! I loved this episode!

So Many Lessons From Professors Nicky & Moose

You will benefit from the real world lessons that can be applied to your business or personal brand from Nicky and Moose The Podcast. No matter where you are in your life, there is always something that will resonate with listeners. If you aren’t sure where to start, the Jennifer Lopez Breakdown is a great place to jump right in as the story of her drive and work ethic is one that will leave you motivated and inspired to take on whatever goal that you personally set out for yourself. Subscribe to Nicky and Moose The Podcast and make share to share this gem with others.

One of the Best Podcast outside from the S2S podcast

Love it❗️ Love it ❗️ Love it❗️


The amount of energy, the wealth of knowledge that is communicated.....Is like no other. You can see and feel the passion of branding with Nikky & Moose. I feel so empowered and educated after listening to this powerful duo. Keep up the great works guys!!!!! You are simply amazing.....

Wow! Just Wow

I love the JLO episode because they are really having me re evaluate my work ethic and actually giving my permission to whole heartedly put myself into my work. What Moose said, being able to take what has been applied at other levels and then look at it in your life. This made me think of a live that Nicky had done on Instagram. She was talking about how we should look at other people who are in our industry and learn their strategies and then take note of what they are not doing and make content with that. This podcast always makes me feel amazing and happy! I love Nicky and Moose!

This podcast is FIRE!

Great content, flow and conversations. I love it!!! Keep those episodes coming.

Episode 3 🔥🔥🔥

Definitely never looked at J.Lo in this light. There were so many aha moments for me in this episode. The breakdown is absolutely something I’ll keep coming back to because it was so rich! Thanks y’all!!!